The German-Polish Academical Society NGO (DPAG) is a non-profit association which was founded in 1996 to support international understanding in sciences and education. Our aim is to make a academic contribution to the german-polish rapprochement. All of our offers are open to the interested public.


4th October 2011: The German-Polish Academical Society has commenced a sociological research project concerning the integration of Polish airmen of the Royal Air Force into British society between 1940 and 1950.

The military importance of Polish airmen in service for the Royal Air Force during WWII is well documented in military history. However, the social dimension of their life in the United Kingdom is often neglected by these accounts. But the social integration of the Polish airmen (and, of course, all other Polish exiles in Great Britain) into British society was of great importance, because the Poles (and Czechoslovaks, too), who fought with their Western allies, could not return to their home countries after WWII without the fear of individual and political repression.

The research project focuses on the mutual relations between the Poles and their British hosts. Polish airmen are of special interest, because they received relatively much attention by the media during the war and hence had been present to the British public. To find out to which extent this was helpful for their integration into British post-war society and which issues also mattered is the one of the central goals of the project.

In this respect we would like to hear from witnesses of this era or their descendants who may want to help us to explore the interpersonal relations between Poles and Britons during the 1940s by giving their account of the story.

The project is conducted by Mr Jan Bruening, Berlin. If you are interested to tell your story or in further information about the project, please write to Mr Bruening: JanBruening@dp-ag.org

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