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The Peoria Unified School District is pleased to offer several before and after school options for families.

KidZone is Peoria Unified’s innovative before and after school care program. KidZone is currently available in the following schools located in the city of Glendale: Copperwood, Desert Valley, Foothills, Heritage, Kachina, Marshall Ranch and Sahuaro Ranch. 

City of Peoria’s AM/PM Program is available at Alta Loma, Apache, Cheyenne, Cotton Boll, Country Meadows, Coyote Hills, Desert Harbor, Frontier, Ira Murphy, Lake Pleasant, Oakwood, Oasis, Parkridge, Paseo Verde, Peoria, Santa Fe, Sky View, Sundance, Sunset Heights, Sun Valley, Vistancia and Zuni Hills. 

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2022-2023 Info!



This form is to be used for enrollment in the Before and After Care Program for the 2022-2023 School Year. The parent/guardian listed  here will be the primary contact for billing. You will be billed at the beginning of the month for that month’s service. Payment is due by the 15th of that month. If payment is not received by the 15th a late fee of $25 will be accessed. If payment is not received by the end of the month, the child will not be allowed to return to the Program until payment is received in full. Detailed information regarding the program is available at this link.



Este formulario se utilizará para inscribirse en el Programa de Cuidado Infantil Antes y Después de la Escuela del año escolar 2021-2022. El padre/tutor mencionado aquí será el contacto principal para la facturación. Se le cobrará a principios de mes por el servicio de ese mes. El pago debe realizarse antes del día 15 del mes. Si el pago no se recibe antes del día 15, se cobrará un recargo de $25. Si no se recibe el pago antes del fin del mes, no se permitirá que el niño regrese al programa hasta que se reciba el pago completo. Información detallada sobre el programa está disponible en este enlace:

Schools Services: AnneFox, Hanover Highlands, Horizon, Laurel Hill, Parkwood, and Ontarioville for Kinder through 6th grade. Transportation is provided from the facility to the school by our shuttle bus or transit van. Information may change due to COVID-19 guidance.

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Our before-school staff not only provides a safe and fun environment but also participates in games and crafts with your child before they start the school day. With a flexible schedule (you choose the number of days your child attends) and a reasonable fee, you cannot go wrong.

After School Club (ASC):

Keep your kids active and busy after school! Our after-school staff not only provides a safe and fun environment but also participates in sports, games, and crafts with your child. They will receive homework help, and have a snack too! With a flexible schedule (you pick the number of days your child attends) and a reasonable fee, you cannot go wrong! We now offer our program at three locations.


Schools Serviced: U-46

(Horizon, Parkwood, and Ontarioville)

Day | Program # | Grades | Time | Monthly | 2nd Child Fee 

2 Day | 702200-02 | K-6 | 6:15p| $104 I $98

3 Day | 702200-03 | K-6 | 6:15p | $156 I $148

4 Day | 702200-04 | K-6 | 6:15p | $208 I $197

5 Day | 702200-05 | K-6 | 6:15p | $241 I $228

Schools Serviced: District 54

(Anne Fox and Hanover Highlands)

ASC | Program # | Grades | Time | Monthly 

2 Day | 702204-02 | K-6 | 6:15p | $97 I $92

3 Day | 702204-03 | K-6 | 6:15p | $145 I $137

4 Day | 702204-04 | K-6 | 6:15p | $193 I $183

5 Day | 702204-05 | K-6 | 6:15p | $235 I $223

Location: Ahlstrand Fieldhouse for Horizon, Parkwood, Hanover Highlands, and Ontarioville for kindergarten through 6th grade. Transportation from school to the facility will be provided by our transit van. Information may change due to COVID-19 guidance.  

Location: Longmeadow Activity Center for Anne Fox for kindergarten through 6th grade. Transportation from school to the facility will be provided by our transit van. Information may change due to COVID-19 guidance.


Location: Greenbrook Elementary School

ASC Program # Grades | Time | Monthly | 2nd Child Fee 

1 Day | 702202-01 | K-6 | 6:15p | $48 I $45

2 Day | 702202-02 | K-6 | M-F | 6:15p | $96 I $91

3 Day | 702202-03 | K-6 | M-F | 6:15p | $144 I $137

4 Day | 702202-04 | K-6 | M-F | 6:15p | $192 I $182

5 Day | 702202-05 | K-6 | M-F | 6:15p | $235 I $222

How to Register:

Registration must be completed at the Park District office or by phone-in. A parent handbook will be given out prior to the program start date. Included in the handbook is an Emergency Release Form. This form must be completed and turned in on the first day of BASC.


Days Off Club | Register Online

School’s out, so join us for a day of fun! Children will participate in a variety of games and activities to keep themselves engaged. Please pack your child a lunch and a water bottle. An afternoon snack is provided. On days that all Hanover Park schools are off, we will be going on a field trip. This program is open to all children in grades K-8; enrollment in Before and After School Club is not required. Camp sunrise is available from 6:15 am – 8 am see the information listed below.

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Camp Sunrise from 6:15 am – 8 am $7 daily


Location: Ahlstrand Fieldhouse

Fee: $50 per day, current BASC families receive a $15 discount

Dates | District  | Program # | Grade | Days | Time

2/20 | All | 402203-01 | K – 6 |  Mon | 8 AM – 6:15 PM

3/3 | U46, 54 | 402203-02 | K – 6 | Fri | 8 AM – 6:15 PM

4/4 | U46, 54 | 402203-03 | K – 6 | Tue | 8 AM – 6:15 PM

4/7 | All | 402203-04 | K – 6 | Fri | 8 AM – 6:15 PM





Wilkinson Elementary offers a Wildcat After School Club that includes teacher supervision, homework help, snack time, and playing with fellow classmates while awaiting your arrival.



Completed registration forms along with a NON-REFUNDABLE $25.00 REGISTRATION FEE will be accepted in the front office or by visiting the school website and filling out the online registration throughout the summer. Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is being accepted on a first come basis and spaces are limited. 

Los formularios de inscripción completados junto con un CARGO DE REGISTRO NO REEMBOLSABLE DE $25.00 serán aceptados en la oficina de recepción o visitando el sitio web de la escuela y llenando la inscripción en línea durante todo el verano. La inscripción para el año escolar 2022-2023 se acepta por orden de llegada y espacios son limitados.


 You can pay for before/after care here: School Store


For a paper copy of the Before/After School Care information Click Here


For any questions, please reach out to Janyce Jones: [email protected]

Para cualquier pregunta, comuníquese con Janyce Jones: [email protected]



 Students are expected to follow the school rules during childcare. 

  • If an infraction occurs, a program staff member will discuss the behavior with the parent, and the parent must sign a warning form.

  • The third warning will result in a three-day suspension from the program. A fourth warning will result in dismissal from the program. 

  • If the behavior is severe enough, suspension or dismissal can result without warning.







1st child enrolled- $8.00

2nd child- $7.00

3rd child- $5.00


Aftercare reduced lunch*

1st child enrolled- $7.00

2nd child- $6.00

3rd child- $4.00


Aftercare free lunch*

1st child enrolled- $6.00

2nd child- $5.00

3rd child- $3.00




In our last few academic posts, we studied how to spot the difference between masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives. That probably wasn’t completely new to you, but today we’re going to cover a topic that students are always asking about. It usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the classroom.

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Now that we know when an adjective is masculine or feminine, where do we put it? There’s no easy answer because in Spanish, adjectives can go before or after the noun.

Read this post in Spanish.

Some adjectives always go after the noun. These adjectives express:

  • Color: ¿Te gusta mi vestido azul? (Do you like my blue dress?)
  • Form: Me he comprado una mesa redonda. (I bought myself a round table.)
  • State or condition: En esta casa hay muchas cosas rotas. (In this house there are many broken things.)
  • Type: Quiero un teléfono móvil. (I want a mobile phone.)
  • Origin: Me gusta la música española. (I like Spanish music.)

However, there’s an exception: in poetic language, these types of adjectives can go before the noun.

  • Me enamoré de sus rojos labios (I fell in love with his/her red lips).

All other adjectives (the ones that don’t fit into the categories listed above) can be placed before or after the noun, depending on the situation.

  • When a Spanish adjective comes after the noun, it is usually being used to distinguish the thing we’re talking about from something else.
    •  Vamos por el camino grande. Parece más seguro que el camino pequeño.

(Let’s take the big road. It looks safer than the small road.)

  • When a Spanish adjective comes before the noun, it’s not being used to distinguish the noun from other nouns. Instead, the adjective is being used to highlight a quality of the noun.
    •  El pequeño camino que lleva a la cima de la montaña es peligroso.

(The small road that leads to the top of the mountain is dangerous.)

In this case, there is only one road. The adjective pequeño is being used to describe a characteristic of the road. We don’t need to distinguish between a big road and a small road because there is only one.

These adjectives that can be used before the noun usually describe a characteristic whose meaning is relative. That is to say, the characteristic they describe depends on making a comparison. For example, grande-pequeño (big-small), rápido-lento (fast-slow), bonito-feo (pretty-ugly), fuerte-débil (strong-weak), largo-corto (long-short), cercano-lejano (near-far), etc. Something is big or small, pretty or ugly, fast or slow, etc., depending on what we compare it to.

Usually, you will see these adjectives with relative meanings placed before a noun in formal writing. For example, Los testigos dicen que se asustaron porque escucharon una fuerte explosión (The witnesses say they were frightened because they heard a loud explosión).

To learn more, sign up for one of the Spanish courses we offer at our schools.

Thanks to Ignacio Sellés from our school in Alicante for teaching us where to put our Spanish adjectives.


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