Call and play

Laugh out loud playing joke calls to your friends and family, and sharing their reactions.

Download JuasApp, the top ranked prank-calls app in Europe, and have fun like never with your friends!

Get FREE joke calls with the download of the app, with the login to JuasApp with your social accounts, and with the recommendation of the app.

Calls are not launched from your mobile but from our systems, so they will be at no cost for you. In only 2 minutes, the joke will be on your app, ready to be listened and shared with other friends.

Please write us with any suggestion for new pranks or improvement about JuasaApp to [email protected] and will be happy to assist.

Updated on

Dec 14, 2022


Want your friends to think you’re getting a call from someone important? Wish you got a phone call to have an excuse to leave an awkward situation?

With Fake Call, you can do all that and more! Fake Call is an application that simulates an incoming phone call with customizable caller name and number.

Includes a widget that can be used to schedule a fake call directly from your Home screen.

How to use:

Regular call:
Start the application and fill in the caller name, number, and the time delay you wish to have for the call, then press Schedule call. If you change your mind, you can cancel the call with the Reset Call button at any time, even if you have closed the app since then.

Widget-triggered call:
The Fake Call widget allows you to schedule a fake call with a single press of a button. Simply add the widget to your Android device and click it to schedule a call. Blue icon means it’s ready to schedule a call, while red icon means there’s a scheduled call in progress.
If you wish to have the widget generate a call with a custom caller number/name/delay, use the Save Field button in the main application.

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Updated on

Nov 13, 2022


Mantén informada a tu audiencia gracias al servicio de mensajes automatizados a través de llamada telefónica.

Proporciona la información adecuada en el momento preciso.

A través de este sistema, Siptize pone a tu disposición la posibilidad de estar siempre cerca de tus públicos. Flexibilidad y cercanía en una sola herramienta de fácil uso.

La experiencia, agilidad y continua actualización nos permiten conocer de primera mano un mercado cada vez más exigente para mejorar los servicios constantemente.

 Nuestro objetivo principal es satisfacer las necesidades de tu empresa a través de la confianza, el rigor y la profesionalidad. Siptize te acompaña hasta donde quieras llegar.

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