This FREE emaze app has made it even easier to view and share emaze presentations on all your devices. Create a new Website and Photo Album (NOT presentations) using our automated wizard right from your mobile device.

View Presentations (not edit):
Watch your own emaze creations or those collaborated with you by your colleagues or Team easily and seamlessly in high definition. The emaze app automatically syncs with your emaze account so you can watch the most updated versions of your online presentations wherever and whenever you need to.

Share Presentations:
Send your projects to a friend or colleague either through email, WhatsApp or post on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.

Explore Presentations:
Browse millions of gorgeous presentations made by Emazers all over the world by any topic or category that may interest you. Simply type in your search term and get access to stunning emazes related to that topic. Exploring emaze presentations is also a great way to get new presentation ideas.

Why use emaze slideshow software and not other presentation websites?

The emaze Slideshow software is the next generation in Digital Design that lets you create, share and explore amazing presentations. Choose from any of our free presentation templates or redesign your PowerPoint online in minutes with our easy-to-use Automaze feature. You may even upload presentations made using free PowerPoint templates! emaze’s cutting edge designs feature gorgeous layouts and impressive 3D and video transitions between slides. State of the art HTML5 technology enables the addition of gifs, media, live data, hyperlinking and more. Share your emaze presentation online with friends or colleagues with the click of a button by email, or any social media platform. You can even find out who’s watching your presentations with the advanced Analytics feature.

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Free presentation templates available on emaze:
Business plan templates
Marketing plan templates
Book review templates
Birthday wish templates

Want more? Feel free to upload your PowerPoint template, a custom presentation template or try our Business solutions!

Updated on

Dec 12, 2021


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