Francesco una vida entre el cielo y la tierra

Gebundene Ausgabe. Condition: Gebraucht. Gebraucht – Sehr gut leichte Verschmutzung -Innovative and wholesome recipes for living your best avo life, from Brooklyn’s Avocaderia, the world’s first avocado bar New York City’s buzzy all-avocado bar, Avocaderia, became an overnight success and instant global destination when it opened in early 2017 to a flurry of media attention and lines out the door. Avo-lovers come from all over the city-and the world-to sample the restaurant’s healthy and unique eats that are as beautiful as they are tasty. For restaurateurs Alessandro Biggi, Francesco Brachetti, and Alberto Gramigni, the avocado isn’t just a superfood packed with nutrients and heart-healthy fat-it’s a versatile ingredient that gets people excited about eating well. Now readers can bring the Avocaderia experience home, whether it’s to make one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, like the Avo Burger, or to try their hand at inventive new offerings, like Avo Tartare. With flavor inspiration from around the world, from Mexico to Italy to Morocco, this book offers super-delicious, clean-eating dishes that will take you beyond toast and guacamole (though the restaurant’s creative interpretations on classic favorites are also included!), to satisfy every craving: -Baked Avocado with Egg and Crunchy Parm -Roasted Roots Farro Bowl -Guac-Fried Tots with Pico de Gallo -Zucchini Spaghetti with Avocado Pesto -Avo-Lime Cheesecake Imaginative and playful, this book delivers recipes that nourish your heart, stomach, and soul. Get ready to spread the love. 224 pp. Englisch.


Una Vida Entre El Cielo Y La Tierra / A Life Between Heaven and Earth


Yohana García

Editorial Pax México

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, 2005 –

208 páginas



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After suffering from a long illness Francesco arrives at heaven’s gate, disoriented but safe. Upon his arrival spiritual teachers show him ways that he could have reached his potential more fully and made choices that could have brought him a stronger sense of internal strength. These distinct and moving writings–based on the spiritual teachings of the Akashika Registry–take the reader up to heaven so that he may return to earth with the understanding that one’s death is not one’s end. Después de sufrir una larga enfermedad, Francesco, un poco desorientado, empieza la aventura que emprende al llegar al cielo. Los maestros espirituales le muestran cómo tendría que haber vivido para crecer, y cómo se hace para lograr lo que cada uno desea para lograr el bienestar interior. Estas escrituras conmovedoras–basadas en las enseñazas de los Registros Akáshicos–llevan al lector hasta el cielo para que después regrese a su vida y comience a dejar huellas en la tierra.


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