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5 You ripped my heart out but I don’t care you can keep it Stars

Dillon Murphy is an asshole. You know it. I know it. He knows it.

And Cadence Taylor knows it. But Cadence also knows there’s more to Dillon than what he shows the world. Maybe it’s because she sees with her heart. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have the static noises to hear and listen to because her world is a silent one. Deaf since birth, Cadence relies on her other senses to connect her to others. She sees what’s in front of her, but her perception of truth goes deeper – it goes to the heart of the person of whom she communicates with. She sees weaknesses; sure, those are easy to see. But what’s not so easy to see are strengths a person possesses, especially if they’ve spent years hiding them. But there it was when she met Dillon Murphy. She knew what she’d heard about him. The school bully. The mean boy who likes to pick on weaker kids, especially those with special needs, but in him she saw something more.

Dillon’s story is more of a coming of age story that deals with redemption, learning, regrets, etc. with a sprinkle of love mixed in.

“I’m Dillon.”


From the very first introduction, they each see something in the other that would prove to be confusing to both of them.

Dillon was sent to sit in the special needs class by the school administration that Cadence’s mother teaches to make him a part of the classroom full of students he frequently bullies. The objective – to reach Dillon in ways a school suspension has failed to teach him. Cadence is only in her mother’s class for two weeks until her regular school is fixed from flooding damage. Both are out of place with their new surroundings, and both want to go back to their regular routines.

But their constant interactions begin to collide with emotions as they learn about each other. They pass notes during class and Cadence isn’t shy about calling Dillon out on his asshole ways. And then when he agrees that he is indeed an asshole, she shocks him by telling him she sees more in him that that.

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“I think the way you act when you’re here, that’s not the real you. I don’t think you’re an asshole. I think that deep inside, you’re really a decent guy but something’s happened to you or someone’s done something to you that’s changed you.”

And she’s right, but Dillon doesn’t change his ways over night.

Dillon’s father IS an asshole, and has been forcing his son into fights since he was twelve, so Dillon has grown up fighting his way in life – literally.

Their friendship is on shaky legs from the start, because even though Cadence sees more in Dillon that he would ever admit, she still knows she can’t totally trust him. She fights with her own heart much of the time. But she’s not the only one. Dillon struggles with his heart as well as he battles over doing what he knows to be right, and wanting to make the easier choices and staying on the same self-destructive road he’s knows.

And Dillon reverts back to his old self more than once. Each time a new consequence for his actions comes to light, but all of them revolve around Cadence. And Cadence makes mistakes of her own, and both of them fight to keep from hurting the other. Their relationship goes through the highs and the lows. The ups and the downs. Disappoints and regrets. But they each learn from them, and grow from them.

After the rollercoaster ride they both got on in the beginning, it finally slows down long enough for each of them to hear what the other has been trying to say.

“Coach told me once, when I was too busy screwing around to pay attention that the only way he could get through to me, make me hear him was to spell everything out.»

Sigh. Dillon spells out ‘I love you’ in sign language to Cadence – but instead of signing the words, he signs each letter. “I wanted you to hear me.”

Dillon made me want to hate him. He made me want to love him. But he absolutely made me hear him.

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This is a journey of growth, and it is a story about learning to love yourself enough before you can learn to love someone else.

Melyssa Winchester wows me with her writing and her ability to redeem her characters when all logic tells you they aren’t redeemable. But she somehow manages to do it, but even more important, she makes you believe it.

Dillon finds himself again. The boy he used to be. And Cadence – well, she heard him. She heard him on the very first day.

«I’m Dillon.»

If you get to hear me now If you get to hear me now If you get to hear me now If you get to hear me now

Escúchame Ahora (part. Bruno Martini y Zeeda)

Si llegas a escucharme ahora

Sé que te harás más fuerte
Cuando seas mayor, oh
Nomás no encogas tus hombros
Cuando seas mayor, oh

Las cosas no son fáciles
Así que solo creeme ahora
Si no lo haces despacio ahora
Nunca te saldrá

Todas las luces guiarán el camino
Si llegas a escucharme ahora
Todos los temores se desvanecerán
Si llegas a escucharme ahora

Si llegas a escucharme ahora
Si llegas a escucharme ahora

Deja las excusas a un lado
Di lo que piensas ahora
Y no lo dejes pasar
No siempre tienes razón, no

Y las cosas no son fáciles
Así que solo creeme ahora
No aprendas de la manera difícil
Solo déjame mostrarte cómo

Todas las luces guiarán el camino
Si llegas a escucharme ahora
Todos los temores se desvanecerán
Si llegas a escucharme ahora

Si llegas a escucharme ahora
Si llegas a escucharme ahora

Si llegas a escucharme ahora
Si llegas a escucharme ahora
Si llegas a escucharme ahora
Si llegas a escucharme ahora

July 2, 2013— — «The Most Famous Band in the World for Not Playing» – that’s Porno Para Ricardo, the dissident punk rockers from Cuba. Led by the eccentric Gorki Aguila, the band has essentially made a career out of creating music to irritate the Castro regime and because of their efforts, it’s become harder and harder to actually hear them play anything, anywhere.

But luckily, Gorki and the band’s guitarist, Ciro Diaz, have been hanging out in Mexico City lately. And we were lucky enough to coax them into performing a song for Fusion’s Hear Me Now series. Click on the video above to check out Gorki and Ciro playing one of their more recent critiques of the Castros, «Los Dinosaurios,» featuring the bands mix of humor and caustic complaint.

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In case your punk rock Spanish is not up to snuff, here’s an idea of they’re saying:

Todos creemos que no existen los dinosaurios

We all think that dinosaurs don’t exist.

Que se extinguieron hace millones de años

That they became extinct millions of years ago.

Pero en esta Isla están acabando

But on this island they are still running

Echan raíces y están reventando

Taking root and bursting open

Comen mucha carne y están reflexionando

They eat a lot of meat and are pondering.

Darwin lo dijo que de los monos somos hijos

Darwin told us that monkeys are our children

Pero a los dinosaurios no les gusta ese estrbillo

But to the dinosaurs don’t like the chorus

La ciencia la inventaron en reuniones del partido

The science invented in party meetings

Son nuestros padres y están gobernando

They are our parents and they are ruling

Es una teoría que todavía están probando

It’s a theory they are still testing.

La evolución que está involucionando

The evolution that is devolving.

Tirano tirano tiranosaurio

Tyrant tyrant tyranosaurus

No hay mal que dure cien años

There is no evil that last 100 years

Ni cuerpo que resista el engaño

Nor is there a body that can resist cheating

Gorki and Ciro are in town rehearsing and gearing up for a sort of European tour. In July, the band is expecting to reunite all of their members for shows in Warsaw and then continuing on to Prague, Barcelona and Madrid. That is if the Castros give travel permission to the two remaining members and if they can raise enough money for the plane tickets, neither of which is a given.

If your interested in hearing more or helping them out with a few dollars, check out their crowdfunding site and very entertaining explainer video at Pornopararicardo.info

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