Oh no i forget the milk

Take time, take all the time you need
Take time or you won’t succeed
Worry about your health sometimes
Take time, take all the time you need
Take time or you won’t succeed

I take time and I worry about your health sometimes
Don’t ever run when you can’t walk
Heard you were yelling before you could talk
Thinking twice will lead you into a bad place

You got to move fast to win
No space for time, no time for space
Now you got what the human race needs
No, I won’t contribute to your polluted transaction

I’ve got places to be that ain’t right here
If you stick with me, I’ll make sure your time is all right
If you don’t understand where I am now, it’s better if we leave it
Oh, wow

Why don’t you just walk to the hill with everyone? We’re going now
Why don’t you come?
I’ve been thinking about it
I’ve been worrying about it

Don’t you get it? I’ve been fretting
I talk about it with my best friend
She says it’s your loss
You don’t know what you got
I know that you do and that’s what scares you
Why don’t you forget about it?
Go on, somehow we won’t ever talk about it no more
Don’t you get it? I’ve been fretting
I talk about it with my best friend
My baby talks at a mile a minute

She sings like a church with a choir in it
She shoots for the Moon to the land of the stars
And wakes up heavy with a sunken heart
Well, thinking twice will lead you into a bad place
You got to move fast to win
No space for time, no time for space
Now you got with the human race needs
My baby runs 10 miles to win it

She moves like her body’s got a fire in it
She makes me swoon when she walks in the room
She wakes up early and she leaves too soon
My baby talks at a mile a minute
She sings like a church with a choir in it
She shoots for the Moon to land on the stars and wakes up heavy with a sunken heart

She won’t read the news on the TV
Tea, milk, and honey never satisfy me
She won’t read the news on the TV
Tea, milk, and honey never satisfy me
She won’t read the news on the TV
Tea, milk, and honey never satisfy me

She won’t read the news on the TV
Tea, milk, and honey never satisfy me
She won’t read the news on the TV
Tea, milk, and honey never satisfy me
She won’t read the news on the TV
Tea, milk, and honey never satisfy me

She won’t read the news on the TV
Tea, milk, and honey never satisfy me
She won’t read the news on the TV
Tea, milk, and honey never satisfy me

Just breathe your need to me
I swear it was all in the plan
If you don’t understand where I am now
It’s better if we leave it

This month’s contributors were asked to submit up to 200 characters about family as they saw it, as they experienced it.  The focus was on family in any form: one’s immediate family, the family of one’s dreams, the family of friends, or a family that only lasts seconds.  Writers were asked to use “family words” and to bring new words into this month’s family of words.

Some days we are one of many
Some days we are many of one
But everyday we are one family

CON GESTO AMARGO, las familias despiden al gigante que desciende en vuelo precipitado de cáncer a ser padre; la y del esclavo nos delata, el amor no resiste el velo: los mejores versos se pierden al aire

My family is not defined by blood or proximity. It is constantly expanding as I discover people with whom I can exchange truthful love and unwavering support. That is what opens my heart.

I come from a broken family. Can I say that family means everything? That blood is thicker than water? No. Family, a supportive, loving, prevailing family, is just an insulting illusion.

a time long long ago when there was no transportation and not electronics there was something call the outside world. supercalifragilisticexpialidosos is a great word to say and learn how to spell.

Family is more definitions or words then can even describe to me. My family is my team, my class. Family is being there for your loved ones when no one else will. without family my life is abandoned.

My green is my only, my siblings my joy. My father is my stability, while my mother constantly helps me improve.

Family is a dance with the ones you love. Careless and beautiful, family is the alter of life.

Family is an important thing in my life. We may fight, a lot but that’s my family.

Family is like a contraption; each member is a cog in the machine keeping it running. When one cog gets out of synch they all are.

Family is important to me, for me family are the people who are there when you need it. They pick you up when you fall. Love you unconditionally and never give up on you. Even friends are family.

Broken shards worn smooth with time
Their pain no longer a sharp constant, but a dull ache
Abuse can break, but people adapt
Their smooth surface a foundation now built on
Solid for us all to stand

Family, people fused and fueled by blood, mind, and heart.

My loving family have seen my skeletons and still embrace me.
I can’t be all bad

My family is home, where I always return, my center, my beginning and end, the ground and sky, my depth and release.  My family is where meaning originates, where I am born and die, over and again.

Es un enorme árbol, con cientos de ramas diferentes, todos unidos por un tronco y unas raíces, pero cada quien con su individualidad, unidos en amor, compartiendo los sueños.

Family is forever
Love is for always
As long as I’m living my family you’ll be

Rushing and flowing, your blood runs through my veins
Together we’ll be, forever you and me

Family, it is not just blood and DNA,
It is friends and those who care,
Those who love you each and every day,
Whether they’re here or there.

It is fleeting and forever
Loving but lonely
But family gives its all, gives everything it has
In my heart and soul for all of time, past every obstacle imaginable

pinching toes in my back, spilled milk wetting my pajama-ed shoulder,
a pacifier plug to quiet the waking,
for none other
every night will I sleep with you—a dream assassin.

It’s the family that holds you down to keep you safe, the family that starts your life and makes it better, your family is you and a part of you that will be there and stay with you forever.

Wherever we are
My family is special
Always in my heart

fifth of eight, a solitary soul
deeply loved and set free

My home was a ranchland
three feet down
Vaqueros rode
through ranch and town
their tracks forever
carved in ground
like artifacts
in native mounds.

My Cherokee tongue
makes English hard to swallow.
The poem is deeper than language. My tongue
is not the King’s, Shakespeare’s, my parents, the teachers
who washed my mouth out with soap. 

My son, my dogs, my husband, my cats, people might say what’s up with that? How do we know who’s family or not? What does it matter, 2 feet or 4? All are my family, my family I love.

We became happy to leave sad.
We are closest.

My Mother’s Haiku
Mourning my mother
Every day she disappears
Though she is still here

Music and food,
that’s my familia,
of spirit-brood,
silly or lewd,
laughing out loud,
stray island crowd
making up topics,
memory’s tropics
under a cloud.

Dad wasn’t square with us, hid who he was.
Adman, Mad Man, cad, dear old dad
Told us he was French and Italian.
Where, I wondered, was la famiglia?
In Lingayen Pangasinan,
Far away and long ago.

Visiting your parents without
you feels like treason.
Hung frames are well composed
without me, with people well before me.
I had no good reason
to infiltrate the frame
with suspect execution.

Mama laughs and pretends
that puffs of flour are dragon breaths.
There are more earthworms than I dreamed possible.
My arms wrap all the way around
part of her.

Family may come to us from other bloodlines—
when the ones with which we shared a womb are unable to love us back.
We realize then-
it is more than blood that binds us.
We are spiritual kin.

Her name, written in ashes floating over Bergen Belsen,
Is mine now.
I imagine she’s smiling,
Remembered in America.

La familia, fuente de perseverancia y pilar de todo aquel que ha caído.
En ella encuentras la paz y el refugio cuando te encuentras perdido.
La familia, fuente de fortaleza
Para todo aquel reprimido

We are the palliative care. The family.
Cancer eats our kind but we circle, strong,
tighten the pack, carry the weak
to the next world, let go
only to find them again later
calling us home.

Seeing Father, a steely, serious man, care for his dying mother with exquisite tenderness, transformed in an instant a long, hard-held perception of his coldness into hot, exploding truth.

It’s not the name
nor is it the blood
It’s the connection built up
through mind body and soul
your brothers are more than siblings
and the only word to describe that connection
is brotherhood

Two loving mothers
Female sibling, dogs, and cat
And me, the one male

The Wilsons live life loud.
if we make a sound
we stand proud
and say it loud
quite is not fun
When we run everyone can hear us
we are louder than a bus

La Familia, My Familia
One loud, very loud familia
Made up of 20 beautiful faces
All different shades, never one the same
Dominicana soy, Dominicanos somos
Always laughing, My familia

Family is a place, where one finds there true selves.
If perhaps, you lose “being yourself”.
Family is a place to go back to, reconnect, ground yourself.
Being grounded in life is difficult.

Two white mothers
Two Asian daughters
Held together
By love
Not biology
Biology dose not define them
Biology gives them the extra step
to explore the passion
this is MY family.

Familia are people who love you unconditionally, and will do anything for you
They will do things for you that only familia will do
Like cutting up their knee to teach how to slide into second base

My family is a crazy bunch of people.
Everyone single one of them has done something ridiculous.
But I guess everyone has.
So wait,
that means everyone is my family.

Long ago we were more closely related,
before eyes or hands, arguments or embraces.
When our work dirty limbs are shoulder to shoulder and we find a tired laugh,
I remember well that we are cousins.

And if you are queer
And if you are married now
Parents, and if they
are twins, our hearts stark naked
   apart from us walking about.

Family is the Evergreen. Strong through changes, resilient to adversity. Tall and proud as it reaches forever for the sun. Blooming in brightness and never cowering in the dark.

flee at night house set on fire photo captures somber faced world war 11 refugees this rests in me a generation past

Where love peels open eyes
Restarts the heart
Where laughter urges unchiseled
Antics to new flights
Where reuniting stays

I take my daughter up to the pioneer cemetery. It’s where bones speak and lilacs bloom. It’s where I’ll be buried with Civil War veterans and yellow fever victims. I love you.

She woke
At 4 in
the morning
Mashed the beans
Shred the cheese
Peel the chile
Warm the tortillas
Wrap each on
in wax paper
She made dozens
Every day for years
at dollar a piece
Just to feed
Her family

(HAIKÙ) Para Elliot
Endeble la rama
remoto el viento
Cae el niño

All night I listen to the house breathe, and with it inhale each precious heartbeat of those who sleep around me. While outside the stars flicker—semaphores of longing.

My darker brother wanders his cave, seeking light but never seeing
My lighter brother yells from the summit, “What’s takin’ ya? If you would only try!”

Thankfully I see there could never be life more precious than my family tree
provides; without it I’d never be free to cast aside my nonsense and be me.

My son the wolf cried tears of longing.

Single Mom, broken and afraid, creates a strong, loving and supportive family by choosing to allow only good into her home. The result was happiness. The players were a curious lot with a common goal.

Family is a gift
Wrapped in a red bow
The bow is made of love
The wrapping paper
Is made of unity
The gift inside
Is shared memories
With winsome smiles
And ardor for life
It is complex,
It is light.

We were six. Brothers and sisters forever. The youngest, I have buried three in the last two years. Besides me, only one left and many fond memories. Will the other write about me, or I about her?

i remember what family used to be
someone telling me i had a home
that i could come back

i go my own way, i said
streets became my bed
i took not a wife
but many lovers

nobody says come back now

The aroma of roasted garlic fills the house, bringing me back to my childhood. Sounds of loud laughter from too many cups of wine shakes the tables. This is my family: unconventional but perfect.

I am tired of seeing him in myself, exhausted from looking for him in the eyes and experiences of coffee shop fathers. I must live out myself. Whittle, scrape, and mutilate with our shared fingers,

You know, I offered, our history is always pushing its way out.

My grandfather was simple.
He was proud of the family he constructed.
He read Clifford the Big Red Dog to his sleepy grandson.
Gramps’ smiles and laughs were contagious.
A mensch, he truly was.

I write because I am instructed to
I write because it calms me
I just wish for one thing to be different
I wish I knew how to write

Our biology
Inheriting the same mouth
Which speaks and is heard
The same ears
Which hear when spoken to
Looking outward
We see the other and not ourselves
And we forget that we look the same

Beating forever outside my chest, my heart is saturated. It seeps with love for you, little girl, and each of your despairs is a pinpoint poised to make it burst.

A cement and iron wall divides my familia. Only words can cross it freely. Pictures and holidays encoded in zeros and ones get squeezed into Ethernet cables. 011. Are you there? ¿Cómo están?

My mother no matter

The latter

Helped me when no one would

Loved me more than she could

Was always there for me

Told me I had strength of a grand oak tree and like a willow with flexibility

We grow wild. We grow fierce.
We grow scattered and stubborn,
an ironweed blaze full afield—
it’s late summer crimson a torch scorching
and lighting, burning and bearing.
How it loves the rocky ground.

He schooled
compromise to be
Dad schooled
compromise to be

The room in which we were sisters
is wedged in thick passes of fern,
is a door, and only once did it open for us.

There among the purple cellar roots
we nuzzled in the night,
small as a bedroom.

We are each other
and one flesh
primeval rivers deepening
a path to the sea

We are Heart Writers, sisters in a family of words, writing from our hearts and rooted in love, holding each other close, giving ourselves, taking what we need, never letting go.

Nana braids my hair, massages my scalp with coconut oil, fragrant grease filling my nostrils as her fingers bind the fibrous strands on my head like the helixes of DNA that bind us to each other

We eat sukiyaki on Christmas Eve—
the iron pot bubbling with tofu, onion, beef. The tree glowing. My children—
Irish curls and Japanese eyes—love Santa Claus, Buddha, the idea of a baby savior.

When I think of the love we feel, I can’t believe my luck.
This is my family and we chose each other.

Juntamos domingo—
family y friends
laugh and eat

contentos con carnitas y cueros
sharing culture and food
at the same table

we welcome new friends and old,
con puertas abiertas
to joy.

I once grew a hair upon my chin
& remembered & recognized & recoiled
Seeing a mere mammal—Us—We know
how these things grow.
Not that You or I
should care about an unruly heir.

My parents baked into their lives their scars and plane tickets, their records and books.

They served portions to us with photos and diary entries; lessons of what they were and what we could be.

She had to weave to make ends meet,
weave herself when her seams begin
to loose, to break
into countless pieces of shredded fabric,
like shards with no edges.

Leaving Miami
Once we sat in static room.
Shutters: xylophonic
metallic tympani of rain.
Hurricane drowned out
mindless tumult—
Mental starvation.
We were hungry
shrieks, como
el viento.

Suddenly there was a Korean child in our family. Then two. At first we made a big deal out of adoption. Then, as the years went by, every Korean on the street looked like family. An Yong Ha Say Oh!

Weaved like the rebozo she wore, picante like the salsa de chile de árbol Grandma use to make, the crisp viento of La Villa, to the cotton Rosaura picked to gain her, our familia’s right to stay.

Los que están adelante porque quedaron para siempre detrás,
Those we left behind to only see them facing us up,
Drinking our wine, glowing faces in the dark,
Haciendo camino al andar.

Ethereally real, genuine
This birth of life revels with joy and
Grows, thrives, shares in
Love, bounty, life—joined with
The sum of all Eternity

My core, my heart, my essence, my foundation. From whence I come. We experience, we share, we learn, we grow, we fall, we fail, we triumph, we soar—we soar. We are safe, we have one another.

That Barracuda Breezed into town, and left in a Fury
I never had any use for Plymouths.

Mama, Papa, Sisters Brothers, Compadres; Compadres those beautiful family members of choice. A childhood friend, a college carnal, the friend who eased your pain of loss with a godson.

Life’s cruelest Spring;
Unpromising on arrival.
Sorrowful without warning;
Tearing down dreams.
Must you run your term?

La Familia, Mi Familia. Bracero mi padre, con manos llenas llega a casa. Mi madre cocina el amor de mi padre. My brothers the dreamers el béisbol por las tardes. Y yo aquí estoy pensando y recordando.

I am a little
girl in an old woman’s
body—I have
three cats—LaNiña, LaPinta,
y mi hijo, who is my favorite.
He doesn’t know how much
my life depends
on him on   his
never-ending hummm

We are kids, the actors of a real life play
our colors Red, White and Blue.

Brothers and sisters,
our family is the key,
our ancestors thought us the true meaning,
the great honor to be American.

The very first day we met was like magic
There was never to be static or discord between us
We reached a point in our lives of blissfulness
Beyond what we could love on our own separately.

Terrifying delicate warmth of memory, ice breaking into the sea, tall grass in a field, light and dark, before and after, sooner and later I know where to go.

In this home, love was born. It’s what I continue to adore. Cherish days and nights long too but I’ll always be a mother to you.

Freshly soaped, scrubbed, rinsed—hallowed
be the milky scent of your skin. From mine
to after-mine. My lifeblood, your life;
tastes of the neighbors, this country, our Earth.

My mother protected us as well as she could, sprinkled sugar on our grapefruit halves and, as if it were a holy war, saved us from the onions dad would try to sneak into the meatloaf chopped up fine.

yo soy abuelo
i am the grandfather
like a farmer
mi familia is my crop
with sunshine, rain, and love
they grow and grow

Great grandson, we will rest
our hopes on your shoulders
as gently as we can over the years,
buoying them up with love
and pride and prayers.

She made sure you ate seconds, carried leftovers home.
She never came to any home without a gift or let anyone leave her home empty-handed.

He grunts in bed between us
Our little mammal
The scent of urine faintly wafting
He is oblivious to his smallness
His hand so light on my arm
We sleep now, we mammals,
Emitting little odors of life

Intimate eye contact
between the young dad
striding by the park
with his baby in a Bjorn
and his smartphone
which does not return his gaze

I came to the US
seven years ago,
with hopes & dreams
& a heavy heart,
I left my beloved home.
Brought a few hundred dollars,
& some memories.
I came out, made friends & enemies;
I found a new family.

Siempre he querido
soñar en español
como si fuera la única manera de
sentirme más cerca de mi
abuela. Mi memoria, sepia-
skinned drupes pruning grey.

At birth
my mother cradled me
in her arms,
told me I’d been born into a world
of birdsongs & bombs,
diseases & deities.

Then she wrung
ten sad songs from the ghost in me
& made me her new moon.

My only tribe. My only people. My only love and soul. The place where I leave my heart and the place my heart shall forever return.

I love
I love mom with these pink roses
I love dad with the gift
I love siblings with the gift of light
The light I share with them
Siblings, siblings,
Ribbon of roses
Pink roses beneath

Tonantzin’s Cradle,
Is comfort
It is unconditional love
It is the lit candle to the darkness that lurks
It is home
The cradle Mother Earth has given me

How does a family stay together?
How to they stick?
How do they adhere into one pulse
One beat of breath
One attached undulation
A clutch of two hands?

My mother is turning to wood, a skinny birch. My father’s body is ashes. My mother bought him shirts for 65 years. She cries now and says she should have made him lamb shanks and tapioca pudding.

The land cultivated, the seed watered with love.
The heart grows with the rising sun comforted by the stars.
Mind, body and soul create a fire only extinguished by cultural and historical ignorance

Cosmic Archipelago Dream
My friends and I would
drink from the clear cold stream in
Makaha Valley
while hiking up there to pick
sweet lilikoi passion fruit.

With a filigree snail line side walking a black cat glow

Family at a round table
Like the full moon’s circle,
Steamed crabs aromatize the banquet
For the Moon Festival.
The moon shimmering over California
Once silvered the Silk Road across Eurasia.

The walls of class,
had been washed away,
by the waters,
of our tears.
Conceived in the womb of Katrina,
birthed in the blood of disaster.
Whose first breath was of mold,
a family of the bold.

2nd generation Scottish-American,
12th generation Mayflower,
Constance 14 on the cruise.
1 grandfather deserting his family
when Dad was 15. 0 parents to lose.
Filiation is down to me ~ and you.

fur-persons, too
four-footed not forfeited

I skipped
to dance for
his smile
my pa who
taught us to sing
wept when he left
our five part harmony
his through-composed life
in plagal-cadence.

His measure made
the music we dream to.

Family outings, O what fun!
Whether at Yellowstone, the Smokies, or a Buffalo River run.

Grandpa’s face
appears in the mirror
when I shave my beard
I give myself
another chance

We will be back.
Our memories on a
Bleached jetty, on sides
barnacles, a
Yellow boat with an outboard motor.
This is where we go and
Time stops.

Mi Familia
I wanted us
sin accent
sin darkness
of color
sin loudness
of voice
of color
I wanted bland
to fit
blend in
With blondness and blueness

I came to my senses
Would’ve been a sin

coffee stains
on her yellowed recipe card
I crack eggs
into creamed butter and sugar
my grandmother’s voice
gently sifts through fifty years
calls my name

Mismo Cielo
Mismo Cielo, Mismas Estrellas
We are all one

He shook his head.
“Do Better.”

My best not enough
I quit.

He enervates me constantly
I’m tired.

Soon I’ll be free
From “daddy.”

3 A.M. snuggles, desperately sought and given. We comfort each other. The rocking chair is the earth, drifting in an orbit so familiar to life, yet terrifyingly new to those living in it.

The miraculous imperfect safe place
where I rooted

Filipina woman married German man. Raised 4 boys best as she could. Sampangita songs and menthol smoke. Sometimes had money; sometimes broke. Love and pain and toil and gain. Mahjong games in the sky.

another winter eve
candles flicker,
the fireplace glows

cozy we curl together
you, me, Jack and the cats

after pizza on the floor
we could stay like this forever.

Songsofhome Disgustingdirtyblanket Repulsiveanimal myfamily furlesssweatofshame
SkinlesssparrowsOutsideawfulboundary socialcompetition Peerlessproofofplenty Oakeneyesofchildren burntwithhelplesslove

Twenty-six years ago I experienced
Instantaneous cambio from singleton to married with 3 kids
my family will never grasp
how much they expected me to change
when all I expected was love!

After work he sat in a chair
reading the Plain Dealer,
a Manhattan clinking in a rocks glass.
Why do I remember this?
I drink bourbon cocktails, bitters.
I carry him and I don’t know why.

just married…
feeling quite lonely 
in the city
her ears pick up a vendor’s
‘glass bangles for sale’

A tanka—a 5 line lyrical poem from Japan
I am kin-keeper
I use Facebook, Twitter,
email and Instagram
for an ancient purpose—the bringing together
Of the clan.

My sons throw a football to my 2-year-old niece at the beach. They dub her “Physics” and teach her to say it by telling her “Here. Catch, Physics.”

I go into trouble
intentionally, lashing scratches
as I try to talk my way into knowing things:
the shock of the electric fence,
the stammer of a morning doe,
the way my uncle says Sooie.

I fly into deep, dark, supportive arms
circle forged, not born
Soulmate-sister, heart incontestable
Lover, locks entwining me
Mother cooking collard greens
Father political, stoic, strong
I am held.

We came in the late 1800s. One man, one woman in search of work and freedom from the mordidas. A family that worked in the brick plants and fruit orchards of Alberhill, living in Los Olivos, at first.

Hand in Hand, Tía Pipa, Tía Lupe, Tía Licha, single,
like stone rosary beads, held together in strength, in faith,
by each other, las tías, una cadena de amor, año tras año

1 week Oregon Coast
1 house 32 people
Mom & Dad’s 50th
Fires on the beach
Laughter & tears over
Card games
Home cooked meals
Family within reach
Hugs hugs more hugs

Millions of members in this family, many I’ve yet to meet; they all have something to offer me. I use them shamelessly—sin compromise—some I’ve even forgotten, but they make my life complete. Books!

Through the window
You can see
Bits of our family tree
An alter Dad
A never there mom
A mute brother
A normal girl
And me
To this family of 5
Closed doors
Is all you can see
When you search for me

Yesterday a hummingbird sped past me. A piece of memory
in the viscera of my mind, and I knew it was time
for music, to make swans stream from the outline
of our bodies.

They all tied knots,
knew how to start fires.
How to stand like men.
Held tears from their sons.
Brought women they loved
to tears & left torn to shreds.
Al norte. Son hombres. Flowers
tall & lean.

Friends have remarked how much you look like your father
since you shed your long locks for a faded cut and pompadour.
I worry your shoulders, broader than his now,
carry the weight of his mistakes.

my body
encircled by hundreds
of cliffs
no visitor other
than a drifting cloud

A closeness that lets you breathe
Comfort when you are uncomfortable with yourself
You know me too well I said
That’s why I love you she answered
In the end, it was simple:
Familiarity breeds content.

Apologies blink up there in the cosmos. Here, there is no door, the prairie falcon, swift, the knowing in its doing, streaks low over hard ground in pursuit, a purest asking for forgiveness.

Our first was born in
a hollow of night.
I phoned everyone
to say, “I have a
son.” No one was angry;
the men especially
were kind and their wives
came on the line and
I apologized for the time.

what you cherish forever, the people you see when you first open your eyes, and hopefully when you last close them. where involuntary and unconditional love exists, a unit of irreplaceable souls.

An enchanting dream on the front stoop
from the sidewalk
Chaos in the living room
to which we don’t talk about
Illusions are a powerful force
Constantly dreaming
o f a thing called family

i’m cutting holes in my roof. mom, stiff, breathless left through the side window i had run to open. sideways lift-off. to jump back to her womb, through the holes in the roof i will go.


You are loved, you are safe
spread your wings; returning when you are fulfilled.

“Nagsakit ti biag”—thus, family be
comes verb that allows while rising from pain.
(Translation of Ilokano quote: “Life hurts”)

The arboretum work touches each tree, eyeing the root line.
“I saw a wound,” he says, “but I can’t remember where.”
How would a wounded tree cry, I wonder, and how would I soothe it?

[email protected] en Tejas:
My family are those who
Birthed me,
Adopted me,
Taught me,
Created a community around me.
Now I’m far, but—
The people and the land
of Texas,
[email protected] quiero.

As the hour’s total heat is a frailty at which point winter tracks, pines, the reply of bells; a gate opens into a nighttime. And with no accountability my named horses dream.

epigenetic patterns of stress and methylization
shift slowly towards chosen anchors of love

There is so many things to be thankful for
your love for your family
the ability to be with them
n ot everyone has the gift of staying together
The people you love can be taken away
but it’s like a circle because at the end everything comes back.

My family is close minded, all they see is black and grey but the world is much more than that and so are we. I love them but i don’t want to be anything like them, i want to see things differently, and treat and understand my kids like they never did.

Family is fun
Family is one
We all unite
So we can be bright
We will be together
With or without
Family will be upset
Together or forget
Family will be happy
Together or unhappy
We help each other out
Without any doubt
Family is fun
Family is one

Grandmother took me berry picking, my sweater stained with their juice; Too young to speak, my son already knows where to look for ripe berries. The water to grow them is precious, but not so precious as knowing, he is one of us.

This is the Family Tree, it has:
twisted branches,
old wise roots,
colorful leaves,
and beautiful flowers
all equally loved, all equally unique, all equally beautiful

My family reminds me that a dying language cannot be saved. My family reminds me that a dialect can turn in on itself. My family reminds me that silence comes in the shape of gratitude and mercy is found in the soft light of the hallway.

Dusty roads, dirty boots, and hot days
Giving way to cooler nights. Always busy
Bustling to and from here and there
Adding more dust, more layers of memories
Sitting in the dark when the monsoon took the lights
Together in light, heat and dark

Thank you for risking certainty to share
in the evolution of humanity…
I remember well groping in the dark
to learn the art of motherlove…

I honor you for your commitment
to this vocation of motherhood.

me diste un abrazo
pelo rojo como rosa
me diste de comer
tu piel linda en la oscuridad
me enseñaste amor
aunque en el cielo estás
me diste sabiduría en mi niñez
enseñándome un futuro que no tuviste
mi familia de colores

Alone, unexpectedly,
on a Saturday night,
you flip on the old radio
your late grandfather left you,
and absorb announcers’
familiar repartee, over
the ambient bed of crackling fans.

Over your shoulder,
you feel Grandpa listening too.

Mi Familia
Galaxies and cosmonauts!
Stuff connecting all of us!
Microscopic bits of light
Falling through the sky at night.
Animals and plants,
Sand upon the beach,
My family, every one of us,
United each-to-each!

On Any Sunday
I remember Dad lying in bed reading “Superman” comics,
The bedroom smelling of unfiltered Camels.
My role model.

My blood.
Truth be told it ain’t easy
They Care for you
Loving…yeah they love you strong.
Wanting you to do good, even when all you want is to do bad.
You’d do anything for them.
Sacrifice for you.
Create memories.
Family is all you have.

Family is the wonderful friendships, beautiful
togetherness, and loving, caring relationships
we’re lucky to have.

Somewhere perhaps buried deep in ice, on the floor of the sea or edged in limestone
The family particle tells a story we thought its own: but what a surprise,
it is simply, dawn.

Breakfast is homemade, palm-against-palm
The first touch after sleeping

I am a seed. My mother is water, my father is light, my siblings are soil, and my pets are wind. I have grown, to a beautiful flower-but not without my family. They are in my veins, my roots, my best parts and I love them like a flower loves the sun.

Roots and Memories
My family sprang from ancestral roots
The women, the cooks,
made tart gooseberry pies
from the fruits of Europe
The men, farmers and artists
painted fields of golden grains with
red poppies singing of the Ukraine

“Playing On the Radio”
On the radio
Mami’s favorite music is playing.
It is Narciso Martínez, who she calls
El Huracán del Valle.
He plays the accordion.
W hen I close my eyes
And let my ears see,
The hurricane of his song
Comes out blue.

The word family is a strong one,
it’s one of the best,
but my elucidation of the word
is slightly different from the rest.
Instead of one mom,
I think I have three
My actual mom, and my two sisters
And you should know, they’re all meticulous on me.

I used to dream of the “All American Family”
2 parents, 2.5 kids, and 1 dog
I soon realized that was difficult to come by
I was given 1 mom, 1 grandmother, 1 aunt, and 2 cousins
It’s not platonic or regular but it’s mine
And I know I am loved

the Holy Family of today watches TV in stuffy rooms
thinking of the past/uncertain trinity of the future
with hands trembling over devices and sometimes prayer
but alas how beautiful the quiet breaking of bread,
our electric plurality

The yellow and pink house expands as folks walk in the living room, the front door knob has grooves, the wood slats slant, the people who live here, who call this home, know no strangers, everyone is kin, everyone is in and no one leaves hungry.

A delicate web of love, acceptance, support; a net made of steel that catches and never breaks.

The web changes, softly, subtly, with time; as it gains one shape it gently morphs into another.

After stopping for ice cream
we saw a girl
dragging her dad forcefully through a store
& my dad remarked:
has Daddy wrapped around her finger.”
We laughed, but
I did not reply.
After all, my dad didn’t eat any ice cream.

There were 9 of us, 2 boys, 7 girls. In 1982 we lost Aurora and in 2014 we lost Isabel. There actually were 11 at one time but one boy, Ascension, Jr. Was lost as an infant. Guadalupe came and went. Now we are 7 trying to be family to each other.

El amor de la familia no tiene precio
La familia te enseña cosas de la vida que pagas para aprender
Aprendes más de la familia
De las malas situaciones y las buenas situaciones

A family isn’t a mindset, it is a bond that only you get, this bond is not blood, it is heart, that only you feel.

Saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, viola, voices, stories, learning, fresh corn pancakes, pistachio pudding, biscochitos, memories of dripping springs picnics and hunting deer, Grandpa instilled a sense of adventure. We love life.

Family are the people that help you the most
Family are those present when you most need them
Family is a bond of mutual love with you and others

Cadena de acero inoxidable que nada la puede quebrantar es la familia, que a tu lado siempre ha de estar. Tal vez la balanza de la perfección no está equilibrada, pero ¿qué es la balanza sin el desequilibrio?

Love sowed for shared seeds.
Co-water, Co-nurture, Co-mother
these seedlings. Each other.
Co-madres. The family you choose.

And where did the time go?
One moment passed then another,
and I was there, and she was there,
but that too passed
it’s funny
we look for something to fill up that emptiness
and when we get it,
it doesn’t really fill it up|
it just makes a bigger hole

Family is something inseparable like a mountain. Family is the reason why we live every day and without it we are nothing. Family will last forever and will never be broken no matter what.

Shadows from the trees
give respite
to some plants
Shadows in the
gives fear
to some
Shadows from
our Lives
to us
Shadows from
cannot harm
at all,
Shadows from
the Lord
shall keep

A family of thousands—gun violence victims—
who never wanted those brothers and sisters
but fall back into their arms every day.

¡Cubanos! De libres a controlados, emigrantes a inmigrantes a ciudadanos, pocos a muchos, cubanos a latinos a americanos, siempre orgullosos, siempre educados, siempre llenos de fé, vivimos nuestro sueño, compartimos, mi familia.

my mother and brother are shockingly similar
both are stubborn
both are determined
we go on walks at low tide
scanning shoreline for treasure
sometimes we find it
sometimes we walk in silence until the sun dips
bellow the horizon

READ  Despues lleva tilde

i know you think
this world is far too dark
to dream in color
but hear me when i tell you
there is so much more to life
than the dark grey skies
they are painting you 
you can tell me
how cold this world is
but i will show you
the color of family.

My family is very important to me.
Family is like patches in a quilt.
They all have a mixture of bright and dull colors.
Each unique patch of work tells its own story.
Family can keep you warm like a quilt.

family can be whomever you envision it being,
the friends you make,
new people you meet,
the ones who applaud you in everything you do,
these people love you unconditionally,
and they will always be guiding you,
leading you to great things

The wolves that raised me never said I love you. They showed me how to survive, no more. All too often my mother barks at me, and sometimes her expectations are irrational. Who even heard of a ghrrrrrou? And don’t get me started about the alpha!

the colors of the full heart,
the blues and yellows,
the reds and the greens,
they swirl in our hearts.
the hearts of all of us.
a rainbow of love and joy,
kindness and light.
hatred has no color on our painting,
our painting of life and love.

Bola, árbol, lots of noise, happiness, children laughing, fights,
mi suegro cantando, the lawn, origen, final.

Life is ruined and united with family
All the members judge and love
And the truth is that it shapes us into the person we are today

familia, familia, the only truth that we need
familia, familia, so precious yet so cold, and we are born breathing it, we fall in love with it, new familia
familia, familia; part of the faith(full/less) we all need an origin greater than God.

Uncle Jim
hootowl shift
  mine just left
lightning bugs blink out
treks past the boney pile
company houses to
  Fiddler’s Green
  stooped as in the low seam
hands entwined behind his back
  at dinner eats pie
a habit
in case buried alive inside

we stretched our fingers
out to one another
across the gaping canyons
of bloodless wounds
and years of lethal silence.
i was rooted, but you were chained.
and in the end, i reached
until i could reach no more.
i was so very tired.

The morning dew still crisp on the freshly cut grass, the dark sky, and the level of anxiety in the air making it hard for us to breathe. We step up to the painted white line. “Yall are ready now” says the cross country coach. Then the gun fires.

We raced down the pasture hill at my Mama Mert’s house. Through the November cold air, we could see our breath. We laughed as I buried my friends under the red and orange maple leaves.

When the wind thinks of family, it sounds itself into being
around wires and chain links, double-throated tones
of a bird’s syrinx, grass-blade whistles surrounding
wholly to hug us all at once as one.
Indiscriminate like love it sings.

All mine and I love her so,
enough someday that I’ll let her go.

As fall starts to dwindle,
A cruel winter follows.
Father strikes mother
As the children hide under the covers.

Long autumn days spent with mom picking though grapes. Later that evening spilling their juice as we spill our lives. Making a memory in every jar to seal and store for future generations.

Family affairs an affable arrangement, the adulterating wench laments: Who would now annul our vows? Their unholy union was founded upon a tremulous faith. Love is a dog tired and sick, too old anymore to run or play or fetch. Let lay to rest.

Married Souls
When they had bodies,
a hot muscle scraped them
from the sun,
left them learning,
leaning over their open wound.

On occasion family is bothersome, like the sun shining in one’s eyes.
It is, however, the center of the universe and always there like the morning sun.

I hear the clopping of my horse’s hooves and smell his fresh oats. I see the loyalty in his steadfast eyes. His innocent whinny brings me home to pure bliss and peace.

Voices sang out in harmony
As I found your green eyes in the teeming chorus
The fragrance of roses wafted up to me as I waited for you to finish your last concert
Then I greeted you with “I love you, I’m proud” and a hug
My beautiful sister

My dad’s old van was the color
of packaged pipe tobacco
or two-day-old coffee
and it always smelled of both.
I would suck on sour candy
while he smiled at me smokily
from the driver’s seat
with stained teeth the color
of moldy lemons.

The smell of hairspray seeps into uniforms
Lip stick and mascara tubes find their home in the locker room
Coach shouts: “15 minutes, ladies!”
White shoes head to the field
Voices join to support our boys
This is Friday
This is family

My family is like a sailboat and her crew, together we face the radical, relentless, riptide of life.
Brothers fighting like two gulls over a floating cracker, parents intervening like dolphins
surfacing on the vast blue horizon.

When I see the penny, shiny or dull, lying on the ground, I think about you.
I ingest your laughter, your voice, your hugs
When I see the penny, heads or tails, I know
I am lucky to be your granddaughter

Not family by blood, but family in the heart.
Through every blue ribbon at a horse show, every late night bonfire at the barn.
Happy and sad tears together.
W e may not all be in the same place anymore, but we’re connected through the heart.

Not by blood, not by birth
But sweat, tears, and lactic acid.
Four years together creates the journey.
Thousands of miles, we run
In the blistering heat of summer mileage
The frozen ground underfoot in winter.
Every step resounds: Family.

In our wedding photos
My husband’s family
Leans against each other
Five bright faces with one joy
My brother my dad and me
Stand in an ellipsis
Both together and discrete

Visiting my grandma, who took me to Dollar
Tree that sat on clouds, bought me furry monkeys with Velcro hands
The automatic doors were pearly gates; the cheap plastic aisles, a seventh heaven.

A bald eagle screeches
It screams red, white, and blue
We are a family of 50
From ocean to ocean
We protect and we serve
Standing firm for many
The world looks to us
A white beacon of hope

I see black, I see daisies, I see my hero, the man who always scared away dragons. Now, he stands next to me, lip quivering, foreign water filling his eyes. My dad puts down his sword, lets his guard down, mourns for his mother.

Engaging in an intense game of Rook with our old, sticky cards. Hearing the bizarre, ever changing family stories I’ve guzzled an immeasurable number of times being passed around the table.

Today I woke up at 5:58 am to the sound of my parents arguing. I was going to go back to sleep I
almost went back to sleep I
rolled over to go back to sleep
but somehow I ended up with my ears pressed to the door and my eyes
still shut.

For it to be a family they have to be solid and unbreakable, Family it shouldn’t just be blood to blood it should be those who stick up for you and others, for the best.

They make you laugh,
they make you.
You know the love will never die.
Your family won’t leave
you behind.

siempre te apoyan nunca te abandonan
cuando nadie te ve, ellos te adoran

Loving and forgiving Through thick and thin family remains by your side Family love is unconditional love

Going home to see my family greet me and smile at me and say; “Hey Nolan, how was your day?” Family is going to Colorado go see my brothers. I smile and laugh with them. Family in future is having a beautiful little boy and a wonderful little girl.

My family is a knotted up mess maintaining a chaotic energy that I can’t exactly write down,
We function like a broken coffee maker,

My family does not have reunions. The only grandparent I have left is not related by blood. Most nights are spent hiding from them in my room, listening to music and “being difficult” —and yet they are the only thing I can still rely on.

The correct definition of family: those you CHOOSE to take care of.
They may say you’re stuck with family, but it should be because you want to.
Because they choose you.

My mother, father, brother, and I…
the phrase I used in every composition I wrote as a child.
Time went by and took each one of them away.
I am a family of one; that is not a family at all.

Así fue, me divorcié
del amor que siempre soñé.
Simplemente se fue.
Un rectángulo marcado,
tres piezas: mis dos hijos y yo.
Territorio sin penetrar,
Solamente “la misma sangre”.

In the twilight dim
Old man on a phone with them
speaking forever

each day a reunion, really
Aunt Pilar on the corner
Uncle Joe at the market
I touch your hand
on accident
your face
on the street
and I touch, I see
my own
my mother’s and hers and yours
it’s all one big family reunion, really
yet we pass on by

Distilled by hearts spun inside out, a rainbow of emotion
Collides with the gentle sting of redemption.

We are one; we are many. A human connection, a blended confection of color and creeds, of distrust and good deeds. We triumph. we fall. But in spite of it all we prevail—because we are many and yet we are one.

Her hands cover me.
The fabric has worn thin
but the threads are still soft.
I press my face into his shirt.
It smells like home

“Small, but mighty” my Grammy said. “Get after it!” my father says. “Have a glass of white wine!” my brother says. “I love you, Sweetness.” My husband and I say.

Me gusta la lluvia.
Me gusta té y chocolate con almendras.
Me gusta la quietud de la nieve.
Todas estas cosas me gustan.
Pero a mi familia yo la amo
Con todas [las fuerzas] de mi corazón

I return under a sunset blazing
like a Jimi Hendrix anthem
We’re thirsty; we drink
light slinks away into shadows
we’ve earned the solace of darkness
Nighttime caresses
a blessing for tomorrow

The warmth of a fall tea parallels with the familiar sensation of mom’s soup. The mischievous smile of a sister after a long day and a kiss on the cheek from father. The safety of a home and the comfort of a hug and everything is right in the world. 

My granddaughter’s six year-old chocolate hand.
Enclosed fervently by my age-spotted vanilla hand.
We walk skin to skin.
We walk love to love.

I’m dressed in black. Listening to her favorite church hymn. She’s not in the casket. She’s sitting in the vacant seat next to me, holding my hand and singing right along as He calls her home.

Twenty feet above ground, the cold wind bites my nose. Before me, a green field, like a golf course surrounded by trees. High in a tree, looking at the leaves falling. Smell of smoke from a campfire and laughs from my dad, brothers, and me. 

The smell of homemade mashed potatoes and gravy hit us as we walked in the door,
The sounds of eating, talking, and laughing as we returned to the kitchen for more.

Sand conducts better than asphalt
As the twins rejuvenate
Her memory in waves
While Simon dreams of the sea
And angelic calls to action

It was a dark December night, warmed only by the fire in the living room. I was fourteen years old and the thought of never seeing grandma again tore me apart. My mother cradled my grown body as if I were an infant. “It will be okay,” she said.

I take one last gaze on the black and white cows on the grassy knoll. These Holsteins have been my herd for four years, but it is time to move on—no more moos or head scratches—I’m going on to the next herd in my life.

It was late afternoon in August when I began to swing my golf club on hole nine. My phone rang. My mother’s voice trembled. I begged her to tell me why she called. I could hear the denial, the hesitation. “Your dad is no longer alive.”

When mom and I make brownies, the aroma of chocolate fills the kitchen; I see the splatter of batter on the stove, I hear the buzz of the mixers beaters, and I taste the chocolate sweet to my tongue.

Eggs, water, cake mix, and icing. A mouthful of strawberry pound cake, sweetened with my mother’s breath. Wooden table, feet propped up, sticky, cake covered fingers, pink stained lips, crumb covered cheeks, and an enormous smile.

Hearing “ball game” with a winning score on the board, the slap of hands from high fives as we take another “W.” State playoffs are within our reach. In this moment, we’ve grasped family.

The smell of the leather ball as my cousin and I play basketball on a cool fall day at our grandparents’ house.

The sound of the ball as it skips across the pavement and the rush of adrenaline that surges through us as the ball glides into the net.

When my brothers and I play football, we don’t hear the crowd roaring or the band playing. We don’t even smell the freshly painted field. We lose all senses, focusing only on our coach’s strong voice as he tells us: “Keep fighting, boys.”

I remember your scent of roses and the chicken soup dinners on your green carpeted porch. I recall your cold hands in my warm palm, your ringing laughter, and your brown eyes. I wish these were more than just memories.

When I think of family I think of the seasons
My mother, her brown hair, the color of autumn
My father, cool winter, harsh yet inviting
My brother, bubbly summer, full of life
All the same yet ever changing
All different yet united, one

Cinnamon and spices waft through grandmother’s kitchen
and sweep around, hugging aunts and uncles.
Evergreen branches and peppermint kisses dance under the noses of the cousins
who shake boxes with paper and tight bows. 

Family means the father, or a similar figure in life

From him you acquire derivatives

Derivatives like a crisp apple from a sturdy branch

Like the instinct of a screeching halt on the road to protect an animal
To be family is to be passed down

Tengo una gran familia. Mi casa es un poco loca. Diez niños, dos padres. Cinco de los niños son adoptados y cinco de los niños no lo son. La vida no siempre es fácil. Pero la vida es buena. En la familia, la belleza es la pena, la lucha. Es un regalo

My brother and I sit on the sand as we study the vast sea, silent. We watch, as the sparkling waves touch the shore. Ablaze and mesmerizing in the black of night, the fire beside us burns like the inextinguishable love we have for each other.

To those who accept me, remember me, chastise me, hurt me, hurt me, hurt me, love(d) me —I return the favor.

What is family anyway?
Are you, nor I, not connected in some odd way?

I think that we, as humans, are a family
Both brothers and sisters
Not different, but all alike

Family are people that lift you up,
who support you
Family is home

The family:
Our kinfolk whom we love and fight and color Brother,
Peaceful among us, strangers whom we never know,
The foreign souls we fear and fight and color Other.

Must it be ever so?

The light from the moon shows the pathway.
I leap into my mother’s arms,
her tight grip
makes my problems evaporate into the air.
Although I may not say these three words often.
I shall say it now,
I love You.

Family is a group of someones who won’t stop talking about what happened to X or Z ten years ago.

When you stop asking ‘How was your day?’ you lose a family member.

Single units connected to one cause. Their struggles for social justice and equality bind them. They are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. A modern family.

If my family were buffalo, we would surround a great lake. If my family were seconds we would last for eternity. If my family were crumbs we would feed the world. If my family were stars no one would ever be in the dark.

Materials put together can be a house. Piece upon piece make up rooms, a refuge from the rain and gloom. It can be a dangerous place if built wrong, without the foundation it crumbles down. Family is a house, sometimes lost sometimes found.

My half-sister works in the hospital, she has a cat in the house. The cat is bad to me, he don’t like people. My dad is my best friend. He is cooking in the kitchen.

A village is my family. Build and support your community village. Each one teaches one. We share love, food, space and time. The most beautiful thing of all? We see no skin color.

Family means to me, a quintessential look given to me when I am right or wrong.

When the anniversary of death comes, even the date is wrong on my calendar. With feet in two time zones, my family crosses continents. So I sculpt seven figures out of concrete and tequila, to stand circle around me and bid me good night.

On the real, my family from Panama and Ecuador love me like God. On the real my father don’t speak no Spanish, only English. Me, my aunties, mi abuela, mi abuelo always gonna be together.

Christmas morning. I was four. Daddy and I hurried through the falling snow to the old barn, where I caught a glimpse of the little fuzzy red and white calf. I ran my tiny hands through its thick hair. My only Christmas wish had come true.

Are the wind-blown seeds caught in my hair
And the ones that float right by.
They are the seeds that follow me around
And the ones that I chase after.
They are the ones that swirl all around me.

I remember Nick’s stern voice telling me I can do better as if he were my father. We stared at the computer screen in awe my grades were as low as my esteem and yet he was there to show me that hard work will get me where I need to be.

I watched her hand glide across the paper. My Maw-Maw taught me each delicate step of drawing a palm tree. Today, I imagine her drawing the stunning fanned out branches of the trees all through Heaven.

As I sipped chocolate milk and eyed my Papa across the checkerboard, I didn’t know how fleeting these moments were. I didn’t realize that once he wasn’t here letting me win, even though I could finally do it alone, it wasn’t fun anymore.

I’ll waste any day in a Chevy Colorado with Eric Church singing “Talladega” on the radio. My brother-in-law and I are on the way to grab BBQ, or maybe we’ll just see what’s out there on our way.

I remember the day my parents sat me down on the living room sofa to listen to their screaming at me for something that I had done wrong. I was sobbing because I thought they hated me, but I know they were only angry because they loved me.

Mi familia es muy talentosa. Mi mamá es muy buena para cocinar y tocar la flauta. Mi padre es muy talentoso para jugar béisbol y tocar la guitara. Mi hermano es muy talentoso para tocar muchos instrumentos y grabar la música que él hace.

Mi familia, un arco iris con diferentes colores, combinada con buena comida, tradiciones mexicanas y un gran amor por todos en la familia. Un refugio de las tormentas de la vida y un lugar donde todos son bienvenidos.

Grande, atlético, inteligente, honesto, simpático, sincero, divertido, atrevido, cortés, curioso, interesante, sociable, y mucho más.

Generoso, cortés, cómico, cariñoso, atrevido, inteligente, trabajador, loco, largo, honesto, desordenado, divertido, sociable, amable, unido, llamativo, es mi familia.

Mi familia es muy importante para mí. tengo 2 hermanas, yo soy la hija más joven y vivo con mi mamá y mi papá; mis 2 hermanas viven en la universidad. tengo uno de mis abuelos, su nombre es Hal y Hal es mi papá padre. mis otros abuelos.

Cortés, generosa, pequeña, trabajadora, sociable, interesante, impaciente, atrevida, amable, alegre, divertida, rara y desordenada. #fin

Mi familia es generosa alta grande honesta amable cariñosa y muchas cosas más

Mi madre—inteligente y cuidadosa
Mi padre—sabio protector
Yo—musical y gran hermano
Audrey—musical y bailarina
Haddon—atleta y tímido
Kinley—bailarina y extrovertida

Mi familia

Me gusta mi familia
Me gustan nuestros lazos los tiempos que nosotros compartimos
Me gustan nuestros buenos momentos
Me gusta nuestra felicidad
Mi amor es mi familia

Mi familia es pequeña pero mi padre tiene muchos hermanos y yo tengo muchos primos primeros y segundos. A mi familia le gusta hablar y cocinar juntos. Mi familia es amorosa.

Mi familia es un poco loca, bondadosa y amable. Mi familia ayuda a otra gente. A mi familia le encanta viajar por el mundo para ver las diferentes culturas. Mi familia es honesta, pequeña, inteligente y loca.

—Mi Familia
Yo tengo una mamá y un papá
Yo tengo dos hermanos
Se llaman Luis y Aidan
Yo tengo una gata que se llama Joey.
Mi Familia es:
Mi Familia.

inteligente y tonta, vietnamita y china, aventurero y aburrido, feliz y triste, activa y perezosa. diferente y especial.

Mi familia es rara. Tengo dos hermanos. Ambos son mayores. Entre mis hermanos y yo hay tres años de diferencia. Mi mamá no es graciosa. Ella es muy aburrida. Mi papá es divertido, Pedro reacciona en forma exagerada acerca de todo.

Mi Familia es…..
Simpática, divertida, loca, inteligente, alegre, feliz, ambiciosa, honesta, cariñosa, contenta, cómica, sabia, responsable, tranquila, sensitiva, extraña, y muy buena.

Mi familia es amable, honesta, impaciente, simpática, cómica, divertida, trabajadora, grande, rara, ruidosa, loca, tacaña, cercana, cortés, cariñosa, provechosa, y muchas cosas más.

Tengo mamá y papá no tengo hermanos ni hermanas. Mi madre es de Bulgaria. Ella es enérgica. Mi padre es de Tejas y no es joven.

Me encanta mi familia porque me hace feliz. Me hace reír todos los días y ellos son mi sol.

Mi familia es muy grande. Consiste de mis padres, mis hermanos, mis abuelos, cuatro perros, y un gato. Ellos son un poco locos y cómicos. A veces me molestan pero los quiero a todos.

Today mi familia

Mi mamá

Mi papá
Lleno de adrenalina

Mi Hermano
Buen chico
Muy inteligente

Mis perritos
Menores de un año
Necesitan mucha atención

Mi familia consiste de mi padre, madre, hermana, cinco perros, dos gatos y yo. Mi familia es considerablemente moderna.

Bienvenidos a bordo. Hoy tenemos un vuelo a través de mi familia. ¡Prepárense para el vuelo!
En primera fila tú ves a mis padres. Ellos han estado juntos 24 años. Son muy importantes y me dieron muchas habilidades. Mi vuelo no va a ser igual sin ellos.

Surrounding the kitchen table, la mera-mera, mi abuela, calls out “BINGO!”

We all let out a sigh, clear our fichas /
Chisme flows at the beat of the silence /
Until la mera-mera calls out “ESQUINA!”

When father brings home gifts that mother considers junk, their conversations bear a complicated tone of power and the warm air becomes a heated, alarming, chilling shrill.

The first light breaks through the curtain, the pressure in the tea kettle amplifies, the aroma of rosemary fumes as the garlic potatoes sizzle in the skillet.

The smell of a barbecue grill, the sound of a college football game on television, the wet nose of a dog on my hand.

Short hellos, playful arguments, corny jokes, booming laughter, a fútbol game blaring over it all. Long goodbyes, even longer embraces.

Family is always close by
Even if their tree’s
Down the path we go
All we see is family
Past generations have fallen
But family never dies
Walking down the path
Fog swallowing me like a monster and spitting be back out
I look back
And walk my way

Family. Family are good friends that help you. How family protects you from bad situations and guides your path. Showing you the way, protecting you from the bad and even though you’re sad they always got your back. Family is strong and loyal

As the dates on the school newspaper change,
I realize our time together will soon end.

Those who leave and those who stay
can still be traced by ink.

No more deadlines to meet or last minute edits.
Just a lasting imprint. The ink spells family.

Sand in our pants from our favorite sand box. Shovels and pails, laughter and noise. A brother, a friend, a playmate. Stolen cookies, chocolate smudged on the wall. The crumbs of our childhood being swept away. The final cookie in the jar.

A bald eagle screeches
It screams red, white, and blue
We are a family of 50
From ocean to ocean
United as one
Standing firm for many
The world looks up
Sees a white beacon of hope

I need the sky to walk down
from where I’ve been
Only the sky can see my
wings of faith
See me carry my paper children
feed with light and promise
that soon we birth dreams
to fly
I need the sky to come down, touch
Fragile pieces
My paper children.

Los miembros de mi familia son sobre-amorosos y bondadosos el uno con el otro. Mi familia es loca, pero todas las familias son locas de alguna manera. También, la familia no tiene que ser lazos de sangre. Yo considero a mis amigos como familia porque nosotros somos íntimos.

Amor + Importa + Tradición = Familia
El número de hijos o el género de los padres no son importantes. Familia son las personas que nunca se rinden de ti.

Un familia funcional tiene padres que aceptan y respetan la privacidad de los niños.

Familia son los que aman sin importar qué, y no te abandonan en tiempo de necesidad. Son ellos con los que puedes contar. Los que te alimentan y te dan buena comida y cobijo. Es la gente a la que acudes si tienes algún problema.

La familia está ahí para protegerme y me enseña a distinguir lo que es correcto de lo incorrecto. Aunque a veces nos enojamos con nuestros padres, ellos nos ayudan y nos enseñan.

Mi familia es especial a su manera. Mi familia es amable y cariñosa, pero puede ser un poco caótica de vez en cuando. Mi familia está compuesta por una madre, un hermano, una hermana, un gato y un perro.

Mi familia consiste de mis amigas y mi familia real. Ellos me ayudan con mis problemas y han Estrada allí mi vida. Mi familia ensenar todos de vida y ellos es muy importante de mi. Ellos aceptar quíen soy y respeto mi privación.

Mi familia es lo más importante de mi vida. Mi familia me enseña, me da alegría porque  es simpática. Mi familia tiene muchos músicos y yo soy un músico

Familia son personas a las que puedo recurrir para todo. Mi familia no son mis familiares pero son quienes yo decido. Son quienes soníntimos conmigo.

La familia es la bondad. La familia es la gente que siempre estará allí para usted. La familia es el amor, La familia es tu madre, padre, hermano, hermano, abuelo, tío, y todos sus amigos. Y familia lo es todo.

La familia Es la que te ama más. También la familia es la cual confía en ti, y en la cual puedes confiar más. Una familia siempre está contigo en las buenas y malas. La familia siempre te da su apoyo y siempre cuentas con ellos.

Una familia brinda soporte a ustedes. Una familia se ríe con ustedes, y llora con ustedes. Una familia es indulgente. Una familia asiste a sus eventos.

Familia es muy generosa y compasiva. La familia es muy comprensiva y perdona. Ellos siempre están ahí para tí. Ellos siempre prestan una mano de ayuda a los necesitados.

Familia es mi motivación y ayuda cuando yo necesito ayuda. Mi familia me ayúda . Mi familia es positiva y a mi me encanta mi familia todos los días. Yo me puedo divertir con mi familia, y ellos son los mejores.

Mi familia, es directa e indirecta, Es mis buenas memorias, mi felicidad, y mis mejores amigos. Mi familia me da afecto y amor y mi me dan su hombro. Familia es por doquier, en casa, en la escuela, en las organizaciones, y en trabajo.

Mi familia es amor desde todo:amigos y parentes. Austin, Dj, Emily, Gisselle, Bekah, Chloe, Carter, Juliana, Jackson, Noah, David, Bazan y miss O (las profesoras), Diane (mi madre), Drew (mi hermano), Mark (mi padre), y mis abuelos y primos.

Amor. Comodidad. Diversión. Júbilo.
Tal vez la familia es más de lo que nosotros pensamos.
Mami. Papi. Hermanos.
Personas cerca del corazón.
Antepasado. Cultura.
Familia es parte de las personas.
Amor. Comodidad. Diversión. Júbilo.

La familia es cariñosa y comprensiva. Una familia es simpática. Una familia es inteligente. Una familia está dispuesta a apoyarte durante tiempos difícil.

Mi familia es Grande.
Mi familia es amorosa.
Mi familia es mi comunidad.
Mi familia es estresante.
Mi familia es interesante.
Mi familia es muy loca.
Mi familia me puede molestar.
Pero amo mucho a mi familia, y no los quiero de otra forma.

Mi familia es amorosa.
Yo quiero a mi familia mucho.
Nosotros tenemos comidas.
A veces, nosotros discutimos mucho.
Aunque nosotros somos reñidos, me encanta mi familia mucho.
Yo nunca cambiaría a mi familia por otra familia.

Mi familia me odia y piensa que soy basura. Mi hermana es mi miembro favorito de la familia. Deseo que mi familia no sea tan crítca. Comedia y amor es importante para una familia. La familia puede ser la fuente de up fuerza ..

Mi familia es muy importante mi familia es la única cosa que yo tengo. Mi familia son también mis amigos, ellos siempre allí para ayudarme..

Mi familia, son mis amigos. Ellos son las personas que me encantan. John, Mateo, Braden, Peyton. Cómica, amable, inteligente, cariñosa. Mi, familia son las personas que me ayudan  con mis problemas, y las personas que me encantan.

La familia son las personas en las que puedo confíar . Ellos están con uno contra viento y marea. Mi familia es muy grande. Tengo tres hermanas y ningún hermano. Mi madre se llama Lupe y mi padre es Ricardo. El es muy cómico.

Mi familia es grande, no somos normales. Mi familia nos acepta como somos. Mi familia nos ayuda si nosotros los necesitamos. Mi familia está ahí cuando yo los necesito.
Familia es amor, protección, es grandeza, locura, ruido, y felicidad.

Sweat beads on my dad’s bald head; the deck was a little over half done. He lectures me on how to use a hammer; we drink sweet tea afterwards. His lessons, like a diploma i want to hang on my wall.

Chaotic crossing of schedules crossing of lives, crossing by choice
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, coming together out of love.

Family is Sunday dinner with chatter and games
Eating our dessert while the dogs and children play
It is fun and laughter and love all around

My past, my future, my present, my life, my world, my family.

Mi familia gathers around the dining table eating, sharing ideas, and being loud. Our weekend gatherings are celebrated with food, music, and the company of the rest of mi familia.

La Familia, the people who take you in when you are not wanted, the friends who spread light, when all you see is darkness, the teacher who welcomes you to a classroom when you have no safe place to go. We are all La Familia!

Taking flight above his head like a plane; being pushed back and forth on a swing with only the help of his strong arms. Arms that smell of Old Spice wrap me up, pull me close to his scratchy beard, and never let me go: the arms of my dad.

More like family than friends.
Leading each other to Christ.
Trekking Stone Mountain and painting kids’ faces at Clermont Days.
Hosting a mountain retreat for cancer victims.
Together, we’re better. Together, we’re a team.

It’s 35 degrees, we’re on the water
Wind slaps each face with an icy palm
Each hand is a gruesome shade of crimson
We don’t care, we can’t care
Each movement is synchronized
Each heart beats as one

My grandmother’s fingers caress the keys gently and perfectly. An old church hymn fills the room. Over and over I try to hit the notes but I fail repeatedly. This talent is yours like no one else’s. My grandmother with fingers of an angel.

Crack! You hear the window say as the baseball destroys the glass into shards.
Thud! You hear your heart drop. You gotta tell dad.
Sigh! You hear his deep angry breaths as you explain to him.
“I love you buddy,” you always hear after.

Family is the warmth of my mother lying next to me, protecting me from the demonic, jagged-tooth, Furies lurking within the shadows, as she patiently waits until I drift into my dreams.

De pie juntos, nunca saliendo de otro lado, honestidad, risa, que recuerdos…mi familia.

Familia para mí es de locos, amorosa, divertida.

La familia es compresiva, ama en todos los tiempos y es constante. La familia me socorre..

Familia es un caliente desayuno de un Domingo matutino. Es estancia interno durante una tormenta. Familia es la que amo.

La familia es la gente que se rodea  entre sí y envía buenas vibraciones. Es la gente que está allí para tus errores y tus logros.

nacimos, salimos, llegamos…aprendimos, salimos, llegamos…somos unión, encanto, quedamos.., vivimos juntos.

Grande, relajado, admiradores de horror
Los viajes, moviéndose, cambiando
Liberal, los niños están aislados, padres sociables
Una familia extraña pero encantadora

Familia es pasar el tiempo juntos. Pasar el tiempo contentos. Y siempre estar allí para el otro.

Familia es lo mad importante que puedo tener en el mundo, independientemente del dinero o los bienes terrenales.

No tiene hermanas de nacimiento
Tiene hermanas por las circunstancias
Porque mis amigas son mis hermanas
Nos despertamos juntas,
Nos reímos y lloramos juntas,
Y somos el consuelo la una de la otra.

Ellas son el mundo, la planta es mi hermana y mi padres son el sol y con la energiá hacer el sistema girar.

La familia es
sacrificarse por ellos,
ponerlos delante de ti,
experimentar la vida con ellos,
cometer errores juntos,
y crecer juntos.

La familia no es reemplazable.

Mis jugadores de futbol son mi familia. Mi familia es gran parte de mi vida. Mi otra familia es mi hermano y mis parientes. Mi madre y mi papa son muy importantes en mi vida.

El crecimiento de la distancia emocional, pero la corta distancia física. Siempre seremos una familia.

Mi familia para mi es todo. Mis familiares  son diferentes, extraños, hermosos, valientes, extraordinarios, y asombrosos. Soy orgulloso de mi loca agitada familia.

Familia Es:

Familia es pasar tiempo de calidad juntos
Nosotros discutimos, amamos, comemos, y ayudamos.
Tenemos actividades solos, per vivimos a juntos.

Mi familia habla mucho, expresa sentimientos y emociones, diferentes personalidades, un grupo de ambientalistas, de nueva York, amor.

Mi familia Es muy grande. De Jerusalem y los Estados Unidos. Tener que aprender Inglés cambió mi visión de la cultura americana. Mi familia es muy importante.

Familia es lo más importante en mi vida porque mi familia es muy simpática.. En la familia nadie es olvidado. Family es un esencial en toda vida humana.

Familia son las personas que aman incondicionalmente y consideran tus intereses a pesar de los desacuerdos. Familia no tiene que ser relacionada por la sangre, pero más por compatibilidad emocional.

La familia es amable y humilde. Mi hermana es eléctrica e inteligente. Mi mamá es amable, abierta a las personas. Mi papá es testarudo y grande deshuesado.

La familia debe estar llena de amor y comprensión. Mas que nada, la familia debería ser diversión y risas. Familia es donde tu te sientes a salvo, sacudir con risa, abrazando losperros. La familia es la casa del corazón.

Mi familia es mi amor.
Con jesus, y mi familia, yo puedo hacer todo.
Mi familia es la mejor.
Nosotros tenemos mucha diversión.
Mi familia es la número uno.

La familia es donde uno se siente cómodo. Las personas que harían cualquier cosa por usted. Tías y tíos dispuestos a ayudar en cualquier momento con la orientacíon.
Abuelas y Abuelos, edificios de leyendas.

Mi familia es fuerte, inteligente, feliz, generosa, amable, cómica, interesante, simpática y muchas otras cosas más para mi.
Mi familia me ayuda, mi familia me apoya, mi familia me habla, mi familia me encanta y mi familia hace mucho por mi.

Una familia es un grupo de personas que permanecen juntas. Siempre se apoyan y se aceptan cada uno por lo que ellos son.

Vemos la televisión, cenamos juntos, nos vamos de vacaciones, ayudamos a los demás

Familia significa que nada se queda atrás o se olvida. La familia es todo el mundo que ama y cuida. Familia es de donde uno proviene, y lo que se ha construido en nuestro ser.

La familia es un lugar donde uno puede expresar sus sentimientos libremente y ser amado incondicionalmente. Miembros de las familias no tienen que ser de la familiar. La familia pueden serlas personas alrededor.

Para a mi, familia es una persona o grupo que te hacen sentir en casa. Ellos te apoyan , te aman, hacen tu vida mejor y más alegre. Te ayudan en situaciones dificiles. Ellos van a ser siempre leales  y nunca te juzgarán.

Familia es el oxígeno de mi fuego, el ritmo de mi corazón, mi mejor valor. Para mí, es música en una día triste y una frazada en una mañana fría.

Familia son personas en la vida que siempre están ahí para tísin importar qué, no te juzgan y tienen amor incondicional por tí. La familia no es sólo sangre, familia son los amigos también.

Familia es su casa en tiempo de soledad y la tristeza. Familia es sin fin amor y compasión. Familia es su corazón.

La familia son las personas que siempre están ahí para tí. Son las personas que siempre te aman incondicionalmente para lo que sea. La familia es algo que hay que apreciar.

Mi familia son las personas en mi casa y mis amigos. Mi familia es muy loca y ruidosa. Ellos son lo mas importante y los amo.

Mi familia es pequeña y es no muy divertida. Mis padres son muy serios, trabajadores, y responsables, pero no muy extrovertidos. De la manera que son, yo aún así los amo.

Mi familia es todo para mí. Ellos me dan deseo, pasión y angustia. Es algo que nadie me puede quitar.

They might drive you nuts,
and that might suck—
But in the end,
through thick and thin
They’ll stand by you.   

The point of origin, the place of refuge, and place of joy and sorrow, family may seem like just a small constellation of stars bound by gravity of biology and history, but family extends far into the future from the past. It is legacy.

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Just a minute
he says
the pixels flicker past his face

Stuck in a fortress
of two teams
going for the long shot

A huntsman
who tallies his victories
on a hat

Now a legend in his own
stuck in a fortress
made of bronze

Just a few minutes
he says

she yells, “stop!” and i look at my mother in the doorway.
“don’t mow the lawn at dusk. you might run over the duende.”
dwarf spirits
suddenly she is six years old in the PI,
her own mother yelling at her as she throws rocks into the river at dusk.

Up and down here family come, family has down, family has up, is some case you could call a mountain, mountain has happiness and sadness, luckily that’s mostly ups

The air is cool and the sky is clear. I hear the clicking of trumpet cases and the snap of a drum joining its carrier. I hear the clanking of sticks against the drumhead. Each drum tap is played clean and together as if there were only one drummer.

My family? They’re my friends.
My sister with amber coiled hair, native bronze skin, highlighted with shallow bird tattoos
My brother with golden, sleek hair and close-toed shoes (a check on the tongue reads Nike) cage his bleached feet

Familia no es de sangre
Que es cuando ya no tiene hambre

Yo tengo un padre, una madre, y una hermana. Mi padre es muy alto y mi madre es baja. Mi hermana es cómica y yo atlético.

Mi familia es grande cómo el universo,
mi madre es rubia cómo el sol,
mi hermanastro mayor es muy alto cómo el cielo,
y mi tío es muy inteligente cómo un delfín.

Family words
Mi familia es cómica. Mi madre es baja. Mi Padre es trabajador. Mi mejor hermana es perezosa. MI menor hermana es extrovertida. Mi familia es blanca. Yo amo mi familia. Mi familia es cómica.

La Familia
Hay cinco personas en mi familia.
Mi padre es alto.
Mi madre es baja.
Mis hermanos son ruidosos y atléticos.

Family Poem
Mi Madre es baja y simpática.
Mi padre es atlético y gordo.
Mi hermano es muy alto y delgado.
Hay cuatro personas en mi familia.
Mi familia, estamos locos.

Mi familia es blanca.
Pero de alguna manera me hicieron marrón.
No sé cómo esto pasó.

Mi familia es muy importante. Mi padre es muy alto. Mi madre es rubia. Mis mayores hermanas son atléticas. Mi hermano menor es bajo. mis perros son felices y estúpidos. Mi familia es muy cómica. Te amo mi familia.

Mi familia es imperfecta.
Mi familia es incompleta.
Mi familia no es lo mejor.
Pero eso no me importa.
No a mi.
Mi familia es mi familia.
Es lo que tengo.
Y mi familia es estupenda.

La Familia Poem
Mi familia es trabajadora y extrovertida.
Mi hermano es tonto y menor.
Mi madre es bonita y fenomenal.
Mi padre es divertido y formidable.

Family Poem
Mi familia es grande.
Mi familia es inteligente.
Mi familia es cómica.
Mi familia es fuerte.
Mi familia es hispana.
Mi familia es mía.

Mi familia es muy importante para mí. Dependo en ellos, y ellos dependen de mi. Mis padres son muy trabajadores, mi hermana es alta y cómica, y yo soy inteligente y simpático. Me encanta mi familia mucho. Sin ellos, no sé donde estaría.

La Familia Poem
Mi familia es fenomenal.
Mi padre es muy alto y inteligente.
Mi Madre es cómica y extrovertida.
Mi hermana es traviesa y muy trabajadora.
Mi abuela es activa e intelectual.

Mi familia es muy loca. Mi madre es baja e inteligente. yo tengo un hermano y una hermana. Mi padre es alto.

Mi madre es baja y mi padre es alto. Tengo una hermana rubia, no nos parecemos.

Mi madre es morena y mi padre es pelirrojo.
Juntos, mi hermano y yo,
una chica rubia y un chico moreno.
Que familia tan extraña.

Mi familia son mis amigos.

Ellos siempre ayudan cuando los necesito.

No puedo sobrevivir sin ellos.

Cuando estoy solo, ellos vienen a visitar.

Yo quiero ser como ellos.

Spanish Family Poem
Mi familia es muy baja,
mis hermanas, mis padres son bajos y yo soy bajo.

Mi familia es muy importante para mí.
Mis padres me inspiran y son modelospara mi hermana y para mí.
Nos ayudamos los unos a otros cuando tenemos necesidad deayuda.
Estoy agradecido por mi familia y yo los respeto a todos igual.

Mi madre es baja. Mi padre es alto. Mi hermana tiene el pelo marrón. Mi perro tiene el pelo rubio.

Mi madre es muy divertida. Mi padre es trabajador. Mi hermana es activa. Mi perro es juguetón.

Una familia consiste en personas que aman y se apoyan
y una familia siempre está ahí cuando usted lo necesita

Family Poem
Mi mama es tan inteligente como es profesora y mi padrastro es tan tonto, como es mono. Mis gatos Francis y Coco son esponjosos y ruidosos. A mi abuela le gusta montar a caballo y a mi tío le gusta hablar de política.

Es corta mi mamá y mi papá es alto. Mi gato tiene tres patas, es gris y es muy gordo. Tengo un labrador negro, ella es, muy vieja.

Mi padre es alto y trabajador,
Mi mamá es baja y muy simpática,
Mi hermana mayor es cómica y tiene el pelo rubio,
Yo soy alto más o menos, y atlético,
Esta es mi familia y yo!

Mi padre es muy inteligente y me ayuda un millón de veces. Mi madre es tan cómica. Mi hermano es tan alto que el puede tocar el cielo. Mi hermana es muy perezosa, podría ser una gata.

Mi familia es muy importante. Mi hermana es mi mejor amiga y es muy simpática. Mis padres son muy cómicos y muy inteligentes. Me canta mi familia.

Familia es importante. Ellos son simpáticos. Mi madre es activa. Mi padre es trabajador. Mi hermana mayor es inteligente. Familia es para siempre, te cuidan.

Mi familia es buena, aunque es pequeña.
Mi madre es delgada, y mi hermana es callada.

El padre es trabajador, la madre es inteligente. Los hermanos son activos. Yo sin embargo soy mi propia persona. Estoy hecho de ellos. Mi familia me tiene a mí, y yo tengo a mi familia.

Mi familia es valiente.
Me hacen más fuerte.
Siempre estaremos juntos,
incluso cuando estamos separados.

Mi familia, Mi Papa, Mi Mama, Mi Hermano mayor, Mi Hermano menor, yo quiero a mi familia. Ellos siempre me están ayudando con lo que necesito.

La Familia es…

La familia es una pelea en una mañana

antes de la escuela,
   incluso antes de salir.

Mi familia es muy trabajadora.
Mi familia es cariñosa.
Mi familia papá es un entrenador.
Mi mamá es un ama de casa.
Mi hermana juega al fútbol.
Amo a mi familia.

Familia es la que nos gusta. Con una mamá, un papá y una hermana que me ama.

Mi familia tiene el pelo castaño y yo tengo rubio. mi familia tiene ojos marrones y tengo los ojos verdes. mi familia es alta y soy corto. amo a mi familia

La familia es algo muy especial.
La familia es la madre, el padre, y tal vez incluso hermanos.
La familia puede incluso ser tus mejores amigos

Mamá y yo estámos muy cerca
ella me apunta en la dirección correcta
mi amor por ella es el sol
siempre allí, pero a veces no se ve.

Mi Familia es muy importante para mí y nos gusta pasar tiempo juntos.
Mi familia es muy loca.
Me encanta mi familia porque yo puedo decirles todo lo que quiero.
Hay cuatro personas en mi familia.

Mi familia es fenomenal. A mi mamá le gusta ir al centro comercial. Mi papá es un abogado.
El es muy cómico. Mi familia es fenomenal.

Mi familia es muy importante en mi vida. Yo amo mi familia. Sin ellos yo estaría perdido. Mis padres son muy cariñosos. Mis tíos son muy interesantes y amables.

Tengo dos hermanos llamados Case y Cash y una mamá y un papá amo a mi familia mucho porque son los mejores.

Mi familia es importante para mí. Ello están ahí para mí cuando yo los necesito.
Mi mama me ayuda con todo y mi papa me guía con las decisiones del bien, del mal.
Mi hermana es divertida, la amo tanto.

Mi familia consiste en mi mamá, mi papá, una hermana, dos hermanos, un perro, y gallinas. Mi familia es muy importante, y es muy grande. Yo los amo.

La Familia Poema
Mi familia es lo más importante en mi vida. Mis padres y mis hermanas son fenomenales y ellos ponen una sonrisa en mi rostro. Yo amo mi familia más que a cualquier otra cosa.

Mi familia es muy importante. Mis padres, hermanos, mi perros y mis abuelos. Mis primos son importantes también. Ellos viven en Los Angeles, California.

Amo a mi gran familia.
Tengo una madre, un padrastro,
Tres hermanos y una hermana.
El miembro de mi familia más
Cercana es mi hermana, Kaley.
Amo a mi gran familia.

Mi Familia es agradable
Mi familia es cómica
Mi familia es amorosa
Mi familia de cinco
Que causan que te rías
Te hacen sonreír
Mi familia de cinco
Mi madre
y yo
Mi familia de cinco

i couldn’t ask for a better family because my family is crazy, funny, and supportive. my family will have my back anytime and i will have theirs.

Yo tengo una familia. Ellos son simpáticos y divertidos. mis hermanos Colton y Brandon son molestos, pero yo los amo.

Fantastically Applying Motivation Indefinitely Loving You
Don’t let this original acronym discount the difficulty in this task. Family, the magnificent maelstrom that can exalt or extinguish and can only be individually defined.

Mi familia consiste en mi mamá, mi papá, mi hermano y tres gatos. Mi familia es muy solidaria y muy importante para mí. Me hacen reír y me encantan mucho. Todos pasamos mucho tiempo juntos.

Mi familia tiene seis personas.
Somos uno, juntos, como un río que fluye.

No se olviden de acariciar a su familia siempre y amar a su hermana, hermano y a sus padres todos los días.

En mi familia somos mi hermano pequeño, mi hermana menor, mi mamá y mi padrastro. Nos gusta divertirnos y ser felices. Mi familia es muy diversa.

En mi familia solo tengo a mi mamá y a mi papá. También tengo un perro, su nombre es Midnight. Los días de la semana mis padres me ayudan con mi tarea. Los fines de semana nos gusta ir al cine o visitar a mis abuelos.

My family is a patchwork of dreams threaded indelibly together.
We are a tree rooted in Chaos and Peace with leaves of sadness and laughter.

Mi Familia es simpática y divertida.
Mi Papá es trabajador y cómico. Mi madre es bonita e inteligente. Mi hermana menor es atlética y graciosa.

He backs us up with a martial beat
He backs us up on the street

Then pulls our chins to the sky
With a one off reminder
To always step off the line.

My son prophesizes in portraits:
“The man of the future protects.”

She wants to do it by herself to prove that she can, she carelessly and blindly does. She’s suffocated and just when she thinks she can’t breathe and sinking under she feels hands pulling her up to the surface, whispering: It’s okay mommy I got you

Grandma (A Hologram)
In your physical absence,
the hologram of me
still contains you
like a cut leaf—
you are part of the light
scattered from me so that even
a tiny fragment, an eyelash,
still contains the whole of you.

Birthdays, holidays, and funerals pass.
The children’s hair darkens a shade closer to yours.
But the call never comes.
The phone remains silent
as you have muted yourself
from our lives.

We say, “When you are no longer starving and cold,
you begin to sweet talk.”
I learned to say “I love you” in English:
I say it to friends and lovers in America
but I never say it to my parents—not in English,
not in Mandarin, not in dialect.

Mom is eating cake in Europe; cares not that I eat from the food shelf. Dad died and left too many questions—how typical of a lawyer. Me, I’m a child of the left-behind, one who cannot hear and is out of mind. I’m a lonely one, looking for a family.

The over told story of the melted yellow dump truck, the ‘ping’ of an acorn hitting a birdbath. We share no blood, only love and memories, but you took steps that you weren’t obligated to take.

Family summer night volleyball games as the sun sets appointed referee’s whistle rings through the night. Parents cheer for the winner and encourage the loser: “Winner gets a Popsicle” Laughter floats through the humid air.

I enter the nursing home,

the white smells of ammonia.

He sits in a room to the left,

stares blankly at the wall.

I call his name; no response.

Mom gets his attention,

but I get that blank stare.

My grandfather asks, “What is your name?”

Ice covers the barren trees.
A snowball bursts on my jacket.
I hear elated laughter as you scoop up another.
We played in that wintry paradise for hours.
Now, scraping the windshield, I hear no laughter.

My grandmother’s voice still fresh retelling me the story of the “Three Little Pigs”
The warm touch of her hand
Running through my silky hair while I drift off into a deep, steady sleep
Secure in knowing my house is made of bricks.

Crawling out of bed early, sneaking down the stairs the smell of gardenia pollinates the air. I hear her humming “You are my Sunshine” as she and my dad dance around the kitchen.

A random trip to Montana.
A dirty diaper on the floor.
We may be a bit spontaneous,
But there is a lot to adore.
We may fight.
We may scold.
But the laughs and loves are endless,
And abundant tenfold.

Tengo tres personas en mi familia. Mi hermana, mi madre, y mi padre. Mi hermana es baja y muy intelectual, y mi padre es muy alto y cómico. Mi madre es muy simpática y generosa. A mi familia y a mí nos gusta ir a la iglesia los domingos.

Mi Padre es blanco pero yo soy café
Mi hermana es inteligente pero yo soy atlético
Mi familia es muy diferente pero la quiero con todo mi corazón
A nosotros nos gusta salir con la familia y jugamos al fútbol

La familia puede ser grande o pequeña.
Familia es quererse y pasar muchos tiempos juntos.
Me gusta pasar los días festivos con la familia.

Mi Familia
Mi familia es especial.
Tengo mucho amor por todos.
Familia es la llave a la felicidad,
No importa lo que tú hagas

Mi familia
Mi familia es especial.
Mi mamá es una mujer fuerte y bonita.
Mi papá es severo pero un buen hombre
Mi hermana es joven y cómica
A mi me encanta mi familia.

They are strong
They are funny
And they are often wrong.

Saying that family has to be
Blood with a myth

Because this family
I was never born with.

While not related by blood, the smell of sweat and the sound of brass and drums unites us. Once a dependent, uncertain rookie stumbling with steps, now a steadfast mentor, confident in marching.

A thought unimaginable to man
One that cannot be tamed

Family is people who make you who you are. You feel nothing less than completely comfortable while you are with them. From their eyes you are pure serendipity. Every piece of family is important.

Las familias están llenas de risas y alegría,
Pero también de tristeza y tragedia.
Padre, madre, hermano y hermana,
Tío, tía, abuelo y abuela,
Todos unidos bajo un nombre,
En el amor, la vida y la risa.

Mi Familia
Mi familia es muy Buena.
Ellos son Buenos, mis padres y mi hermano.
Me encanta mi mamá.
Yo cuido a mi papá.
Mi familia es mayor.
También mi hermano es mayor.

La familia no tiene que ver con sangre.
Familia es devoción.
Familia es amor.

Poema de mi familia
Las familias están juntas.
Con dos padres y muchos hijos
se logra la felicidad.

Las familias aman.
Como una lápiz pegado al papel,
las familias están atrapadas dentro de nosotros.

Spanish Poem
Me llamo Ramiro. Mi la familia lo es todo. Me encantan mi papá, mi madre, mis hermanos.
Tenemos seis personas en mi familia.
A nosotros nos gusta ver televisión.

La familia es una cosa hermosa. La familia siempre está ahí cuando la necesitas. Nunca te falla. La familia te apoya cuando algo parece imposible. Tu mamá está a tu lado cuando te enfermas y tu papá está ahí para protegerte. La familia es amor.

Mi familia es divertida y simpática.
Nosotros celebramos todos juntos.
También vamos a la iglesia los domingos.

Tengo tres personas en mi familia. Mi hermana, mi madre, y mi padre. Mi hermana es baja y muy inteligente, y mi padre es muy alto y cómico. Mi madre es muy simpática y generosa. A mi familia y a mi nos gusta ir a la iglesia los domingos.

Las Familias pueden ser grandes
Las familias pueden ser pequeñas
Todas las familias son especiales
En las familias
las palabras del corazón son
y amor.

La Familia
Mi Familia es Fenomenal,
Somos simpáticos
Mi Padre es trabajador,
Mi Madre es muy bonita
Mi Hermano menor y Mi hermano menor,
es muy travieso y cómico
Mi familia es muy importante
para mí.

La Familia es muy importante
de muchas maneras, tú eres lo que tu familia es.
Mi familia es muy activa y extrovertida.
Nosotros estamos ocupados todo el tiempo.
Mi padre es muy trabajador.
Mi madre es muy activa.
Y mi hermana es muy atlética.

Mi familia está en mi corazón.
Me encanta acercarme
más y más a ellos.
Mis hermanos traen una sonrisa a mi cara
todos los días
Mis padres son muy trabajadores
Mi familia me ayuda a través de los
tiempos difíciles
Mi familia es mi corazón.

La Familia
La familia es muy importante
Nadie puede sustituir a mi familia
La familia está llena de amor y confianza
Problemas ocurren todo el tiempo
La familia también estará allí

Mi familia es fantástica.
Nuestra comida es mágica.
Mi mamá cocina como un jefe.

Familia es la Familia, no importa quiénes sean. Usted recibe lo que tiene. No, no puede elegirlos.

Family is Loyalty
Family is trustworthy
Family is strength
Family is honesty
Family isn’t just blood,
Family is love.

The same blood may not always run through our veins,
But we share a non-temporal connection like that of two magnets

La familia son tus más cercanos amigos.
Ellos son la gente con la que tú estás.
Tú bailas con tu familia.
Tú cantas con tu familia.
Tú comes con tu familia.
Tú eres tú con tu familia.

Mi familia es excelente. Mi familia es pequeña. Mi familia es cercana. A nosotros nos gustan los deportes y la pesca. Nosotros corremos felizmente. La familia es muy importante.

Mi familia es muy grande. Yo tengo tres hermanas y cero hermanos. Mi padre es alto. Mi madre es baja. Nos gusta experimentar nuevas cosas. También paseamos en bote y salimos a pescar por las mañanas. Nos la pasamos muy bien.

Mi familia es divertida y seria, callada y ruidosa
extrovertida, simpática, y activa.

Mi Familia es (F)enomenal
Mi familia   h (A)blamos mucho
Mi familia es (M)uy simpática
Mi familia es (I)mperfecta
Mi familia es (L)oca
Mi familia es (I)nteligente
Mi familia es (A)ctiva

En mi Famila hay muchas personas.
Son altos y bajos, cómicos y serios, tímidos y extrovertidos.
Son contentos.

¡Mi familia son mi mamá, mi papá y mis dos hermanas! Cuando estamos juntos nos gusta reír y divertirnos. ¡A pesar de salir adelante y hacer la otra sonreir! ¡Amo a mi familia!

Mi familia es simpática.
Mi familia es muy cómica.
Mi familia es divertida.
Mi familia es impresionante.

Mis Mejores Amigas
Mis mejores amigas son mi familia
Las amo con todo mi corazón
Mis mejores amigas son Petra, Caitlin y Kira
Ellas son realmente buenas personas

Mi familia es activa, y muy interesante. A veces, mi familia es loca. Nos encanta pasar tiempo juntos. Soy cercano con toda mi familia. Sin mi familia, mi vida sería aburrida. Mi familia disfruta de las actividades los fines de semana.

Mi familia es grande.
Mi familia es tímida.
Mi familia es fenomenal.
Mi familia es divertida.
Mi familia tiene ocho niños.
Mi familia tiene una madre.
Mi familia tiene un padre.
Mi familia me encanta.
Mi hermano es parte de mi familia.
Mi hermano es rubio.
Mi hermano es trabajador e inteligente.
Mi hermano es tonto y mayor.
Mi hermano es extrovertido.
Mi hermano es pequeño.

¡Mi familia es muy grande! Tengo nueve tíos y trece primos. Todos tenemos el pelo y los ojos de color café. ¡Todos estamos muy locos!

Mi madre es muy trabajadora.
Limpia la casa, lava la ropa,
Y hace deliciosas cenas.
Mi padre es atlético.
Él trabajó en un gimnasio.
Mi hermana es divertida y le gusta bailar.

quiero una familia que sea amorosa
   cuidadosa   contenta
   que acepte
Mi familia es amorsa

Familia es siempre amorosa, amable y alentadora;
Nunca impaciente, enfadosa, o mala.
Yo quiero a mi familia.

Family to me is
Simply people who love each other
That doesn’t necessarily mean a sister or a brother
Family is so much more than blood
Blood just means that you’re related
Whereas family is a special bond that has to be created

Big or small,
Family is family.
Love or hate,
Family is family.

Blood or love,
Friends can be family.
Soul and heart,
Friends can be family.

Family is family,
Friends can be family.
Family is love.

You occupy the space inside my womb;
You are my family before I’ve even met you.

Una familia es gente de esperanza,
la gente que amas.

Mi familia es la mejor
Ellos me apoyan todo el tiempo
En mi opinión, no hay una mejor familia que la mía.

El mundo es mi familia,
El patio de recreo
para que cada uno pueda disfrutar.

Mi familia es muy bonita,
Estamos relacionados por la sangre de Jesucristo.

Familia es sobre
Amor y compasión,
Familia es sobre
Riendo y divertirse,
Familia es apoyo y amabilidad,
Familia es confianza y fe,
Familia es certezay esperanza,

Mi familia
es todo el mundo.Todos somos
iguales y eso es

Tengo tres personas en mi familia. Ellos son simpáticos y cómicos. Siempre me divierto con mi familia.

Mi familia es algo cálida y cariñosa
Pero cuando llegue el momento,
que me dejen volar por mi cuenta.

Esta es mi gran familia
tengo siete hermanos
no estoy bromeando
tengo cinco hermanos
tengo tres hermanas
amo a mi gran familia.

La Familia
Mi familia es la locura.
Yo soy el que los sana.
Me gustaría ser una broma.
Yo todavía los amo.
Incluso si son melodramáticos y molestos a veces.
Les gusta mi honestidad.

Futura Familia
este pequeño muchacho la felicidad me trae
mi amor se extiende mucho
mi hijo nació con
pelo rubio y ojos verdes
su sonrisa es como una estrella que ilumina
mucho amor

Mi familia es compasiva,
agradable y muy unida.
Fueron enviados a mi desde
el cielo para enseñarme
y los amo eternamente.

Mi familia es mi familia 
y contiene un montón de gente increíble
Mi familia es mi famlia
Ellos son todos amorosos
Mi familia es mi familia

Amor incondicional es el significado de la familia.
Cuando alguien valora la vida de otro antes que su propia vida, Ese es el significado de la familia.

la familia
En mis ojos mi familia
es impresionante.
Es cómica y activa;
nosotros jugamos deportes
hasta que veo el sol venir.

Hay cuatro personas en mi familia. Todos son muy cariñosos. Nos gusta ir al cine juntos y ver o jugar al fútbol, nos gusta pasar tiempo juntos y nos encanta escuchar tocar la guitarra

Mi familia es cómica
Mi familia es guapa
Mi familia es atlética
¿Qué es familia?
¿Quién es familia?
Mi familia es amor.

Si me preguntas a mí, yo pienso que mi familia es un padre y siempre está allí para mí. Cuando juego al fútbol mis padres, mis hermanos y mis abuelos siempre están presentes para verme jugar. Yo quiero a mi familia mucho y no quiero que eso cambie.

¿Qué es mi familia?
Mi familia es muy buena.
Nosotros somos muy extrovertidos.
Mi familia es simpática.
Me encanta mi familia mucho.
Mi familia son mis amigos.
¿Qué es tu familia?

La Familia
Me encanta mi familia mucho. Ellos son amorosos.
Mi familia está muy contenta todos los días.
Mi familia es inteligente y baja.

Familia. Las personas de su familia son la gente más cercanas a usted en el mundo. ¡Son la gente que trae amor y felicidad diaria! La familia es lo único que tiene la vida. ¡Mi familia es increíble!

Mi familia es de personas de estatura baja.
También, somos extrovertidos y simpáticos.
Somos morenos con ojos de color café.
A mi familia le encanta viajar.
Hemos ido a Europa y a Asia.
Yo quiero a mi familia.

Mi familia tiene cuatro personas pero nosotros tenemos muchos amigos.
Mi familia tiene más de cuatro personas.

Tengo cuatro personas en mi familia.
Ellos son muy simpáticos y cómicos.
Ellos son todos amorosos.

This family! Weaved together in a tapestry. Our heritage intertwined and sewed tightly at the seam. Apart of each other, yet different by color, creed and religion. Still we are wrapped warmly by the shared fabric of our history.

According to the legends and lore of elder folk in my familia, from my mishpacha, an ancestral relative of mine is said to have eaten a forbidden fruit, while another fathered monotheism and a third immigrated to America.

I waited more than fifty years
for freedom to travel back and forth
between the two shores of blue sea,
la isla verde, familia cubana-americana
Americuban, my ABC American-Born Cuban
self, now an entire alphabet
of hopes.

a pair
of hearts and minds,
two souls
I have two moms.

My sister enjoys testing my patience—
Earrings missing from their place
on my desk, dishes left unwashed,
phone calls when she knows I can’t talk—
I still accept, listen to excitement
over the school dance, decipher
the urgent sadness.

We grow up
in the same environment
Eat from the same food
made by the same hands
Shared our love endlessly
We fought the same fight
Till we lost them all to exile
As if we never had a mother
sister or brother
we have lost
life’s best promise
our nest

My Grandmother Danced the Kazatzka
in their orchard
near Kiev would ripen
so fast, her whole family picked
all day.
All day
in this new land
she brought the red sweetness
of Russian apples to her life
and danced.

A place chosen before we are born
A face, a smell, a taste, a feeling
A blessing, a curse, a calling, or damnation
A fork in the road…
A lashing, a thrashing, a birth of a soul
A mirror, a blank page, and beliefs of old
A Fraternity of thieves.

let me blanket you with love for protection against the hurt
let me love you with a warm blanket stitched by your great-great-grandmother
comforting comfort keeps a family warm

Before we depart for good from Africa, mother Mitochondrial Eve says, “No matter how far away you go, I ain’t never goin’ to leave any of you pissants.”

Our stubborn colony. It is relentlessly nurturing and unforgivably accommodating. And the question, have you eaten enough, is the code of passage. Nagging is our form of maintenance. Our idiosyncrasies our sustenance.

Meine Familie, we had a lot of German Ancestry,
Winnebago and Black Hawks too,
Wanderlust, Memories,
Skeletons in the closet that never come out.
Silence that ends with a slammed door,
Sturm und drang,
Attention Deficit, Hope,

Mom’s making kitchen sink soup, dad’s shooting flies with rubber bands, brother’s combing his hair, and I’m designing a bigger house.

My family is like an Asian buffet chain
with multiple locations:
my Chinese father and his Filipina wife in OR,
my Korean mother in WA,
my aunt from Thailand in CA,
me in NJ—self-serve,
something for everyone.

The roots of the global family tree run deep within our souls, holding steady new generations of dreamers, but we are merely seeds floating softly in the wind, until we find a way to blossom together.

We wander the earth…undetected People bring us around-occasionally-for amusement, afterwards shake their heads and laugh it off But when we come together, our green hearts glow, pupils dilate, antennas raise up Comprehension bliss

Grandpa never liked modern art
never understood it
but he took me to the museum
every Sunday afternoon
and held my hand
as we wandered
from room to room.

Family is our garden, seeds spread over the ground for each one of our children’s years. We water, weed, trim and tend to every root, leaf and petal until a bee appears.

Here or there, whenever we are, we are family; our roots cross borders, and tie us together.
I want to live again, the happy years of yesterday, and see the river go from here to there, unaware, free.
Family is my root, here and there.

Oma, Opa, Mutti, Vati, my German family half there, half here, half in Australia
Growing up on airplanes and ships to see them all
my normal
speaking love with an accent
still today

When I was a girl I ate whole oranges
The taste of sweet pulp and bitter peel
like eating sunlight
Before me there was Abuelo
Picking grapes
Before me there was Pa
Picking oranges
He must have laughed as he saw me
The fruit of his labors in my mouth

Grandma miscarried several times but kept trying until she bore a son. Gran had a daughter because she couldn’t get an abortion legally.
Two women, each with one child, which improbably resulted in me.

we are one and the same how can we leave anyone out one earth one peoples named human listen to the beatles singing u r me + I am u + we are are in this struggle together ku ku cha ku!!

Some humans xerox their hands. How mysterious the pictures.
Your neighbor rakes the sidewalk. Gentle strokes, long past autumn. Fair enough.

Two different cultures
Two different lives
One same love for 2 distinct families

Grandmother explained
the hidden purpose of flowers and trees
using paintbrush dabs of words,
part Old German, part whatever.
Her instructions ranged from how to calm
teething, what to do during lambing,
how to make dough rise at sunrise.

I’m Mariecor; I’m Guam-born. I was valedictorian.
Scarred by discrimination for being Pacific Islander in my white Washington undergrad university, my wounds haven’t yet healed.
At least I’m now wife to a white cowboy military veteran.

Mom, it’s your junior year. Get better friends. Stop hanging out with lowlifes.
Don’t do drugs. More importantly, stay away from my dad. He’s trash.

Mom, do not go out with or marry him. You don’t know what he’s gonna do to you.
He’s gonna give you a child, then leave you.

Speaking as someone who was in foster care from age 13, I never wanted another family.
I only wanted my mom to love me, to show she cares enough about me to flop her life around.

Don’t have kids and then say you didn’t sign up for this.
Don’t drink straight out of the bottle and then make me feel bad for smoking.

If I could go back to give my parents advice, I would tell my mom if she keeps doing the same things, she will lose her kids until one is 13 and one is 17, and will only see one grow up from infant to adult. I would tell my dad to stay away from crime.

To my family, my advice is to rethink everything you’ve ever thought. Think it again, then one last time, and finally act on what you think now, not then.

Family is fake.
Family is real.

What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you love?
Is it that hard to give me a hug?

Lexy, my best friend, sister, is there through all the drama,
a colorful rainbow in my dark life.

Real Mom, the advice I have for you:
Stop going to jail; you miss out on everything.

We are connected, we are one, we are a big family.
We live together in one large sphere, all brothers and sisters of each other.
Why can’t we live like a family?
Accepting and loving of the ones that surround us. When the sun sets, we are one.

Las familias son como los libros. Todos tienen diferentes historias. Mi historia está llena de locuras y momentos que son inolvidables. Lo mejor es que no importa qué pase, la familia siempre va a estar junta.

Family has no boundaries and will continue
as long as there are those who will welcome
and include others

Dandelion from family of flowers.   with dandelion end times.
Mom found one in the grass.   I blew its fluff into the wind
who could have guessed   saw it settle on grass
I had so much fun   to grow again

I likened her to
autumn; colours sewn
tight by her delicate hand.
I placed her in the
cosmos; untouchable,
perusing stars,
I loved her;
my posthumous angel not
long for this world.
I lost her; my mother,
worn thin by the
death in her bones.

When I was a child,
Few words were spoken.
I can’t remember any long,
Tribal stories.
Words were short,
Water in the desert,
Too precious to waste.
Most thoughts were

Family is always close by
Even if their trees
Full of treasure as you look up
Past generations have fallen
But family never dies
Fog swallowing me like a monster and spitting me back out
The trees will me with strength
Until I reach the end

The trees, they speak to me in voices of melancholy
Calling me, welcoming me to their open branches
I no longer feel alone as their blossoms fill the air
Surrounded, I am surrounded by nature
I am surrounded by family

My family means the world to me, my parents, my three sisters and my three brothers, even though they drive me insane, I love them unconditionally.

When I hear the word family I begin to think about all of the good memories I have with my family. The word family makes my heart burst out with joy and love.

To me my family is the best family I could ever ask for. We all love each other and together there are 18 people. 13 of us live together and the other 5 don’t live too far from us. We all have our good and bad moments but we get over them really fast.

Sometimes family can be broken and torn apart forever. It will never be the same again. You just have to go on with that emptiness in your heart for the rest of your life.

I wish my family was closer
I wish things were how they were when I was younger
we’ve drifted apart
We’re all going our own separate way
My grandmother is 84 and suffering from dementia
This is the time they should visit her
but they don’t.

Family is the best thing you could ask for. Family is there for you through the good and bad times. I imagine my family together all sharing a laugh or telling each other about their day. When you’re sad family changes your frown into a smile.

I love my family infinitely. We may say things we don’t always mean, but the love is always there. I appreciate everything they do for me.

Family is why I am happy in life
They are the greatest blessing in life
They push me to be the best me
They make me smile when I frown
The catch me when I fall and they lift me back up
They care and love me just for who I am!

Over this year i lost three family members. They were very close to me. Over the last five years i lost eight family members. The losses only brought my family closer.

Family is forever. Yes they are. Family helps you get through things. They understand you and know you. Family aren’t just friends you can hang out with. They aren’t your coaches. You can’t cancel them out. Neither would they.

Even if family members are dead they’re still alive in your heart. Family members are always in your heart. As long as you remember them they’re still alive. No family member is to be forgotten. Your love is what keeps them alive.

When I hear family
it immediately makes me happy.
All the beautiful memories
start to build up in my head.
Family is a great feeling of happiness,
I greatly appreciate having one
I feel lucky.
What do you think when you hear family?

Family is an amazing thing. Not every kid gets to experience having a family. Just know to be grateful that you still have you family and all the memories that you made with them. Make the most of your family while you still can.

Family is an amazing thing in life
I wish we could all stay together forever!
But the hardest part is that one day they will pass away
Tears will come out and I will miss family so much!
But I will always remember the memories we had together

Family cares for you and loves you. They can be related to you or someone who’s a friend. Family is a blessing that can be gone in a blink of an eye. Family supports you and appreciates you so don’t take them for granted. Love your family.

Bunches of humans doing their thing individually, gathering life to bring to the table. We sit and lovingly listen. Vengo de una familia grande. We are a thread of Divine Consciousness, radiating and singing songs of hope and peace.

How many families does one have
in a lifetime?
When the people in our special sphere
are taken from us, or choose to leave
we seek what we have lost –
trust, comfort, love with those
whose unique beings
connect with ours
to become family.

Family is who you share your experiences and memories with whether it be friends or your actual family. It could be anybody around you.

What is family to me
It’s really quite simple you see
It’s a group that helps one another
Even if you aren’t a brother
Even if there is no relation
There is then a family connection
You make new family every day
Even if you don’t see them they stay

Family is like a scar that you can’t get rid of. It can hold great memories or bad ones. It comes with pain and happiness. Loss and gain. Family can be a football team to your mom and dad it’s whoever you call family.

Family is like a backbone,
strong and supportive.
Every vertebra with its own job
Each vertebra unique.
Never-ending strength
Never-ending support.
Family is forever.
Can be damaged and broken,
but can always be repaired.
Family is forever

a road.
a two way street, often
sought by only one rather
than by all.
a link.
an association of beings.
a warmth.
where the passion of one’s life
a security.
the key
to eternity.
Family. Everything. Nothing.

My family to me is one of the most important things that i have in my life. the family member that i’m closest to is my mom because she has been there for me. no matter what has happened to me. she will always be there for me. and no matter what she’ll love me.

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   Family, a very short word
But if read into, has such meaning.
Family isn’t linked by blood,
But linked by emotional struggles
Family is linked by mountains
not literal rocks and boulders
but the successes achieved by your wake.

The way I see my future family is having respect for themselves and for their siblings. I would want my kids to learn to protect one another—learn to love their brothers and sisters. I would want them to be true to who they are.

El pasado, el futuro. El amor y el odio. Asia y Norteamérica. Siempre, mi familia.

La familia no es un sitio de oposición
Sino un santuario de amor y conexión

En momentos fáciles allí están, en tiempos difíciles nunca te dejarán solo.

Mi familia es divertida, tonta, fuerte y odiosa. Mi familia es perfecta. Nosotros nos divertimos mucho y vamos a muchos lugares y hacemos muchas cosas juntos. Nos peleamos, nos reímos y lo hacemos otra vez

La gente cree que la famila necesita tener la misma sangre pero eso no es correcto. Famila es la gente que te quiere y siempre te ayuda cuando estás triste o tienes algún problema. NO importa si eres de la misma sangre, lo que importa es que estás con gente que tú quieres.

En una casa hay muchas personalidades muy diferente pero, juntas, ellas son una parte de una familia. Hay diferencias y similitudes entre las personas de una casa, y esta es la belleza de la familia. El amor de estas personas tiene su belleza también.

Familia es disfunción. Es ruidosa, es caos, es gritar a la medianoche y es silencio en el alba. Es fea. Es todo complicado y puro. Es todo.

La familia para mí son las personas que va estar aquí para mí todo el tiempo… La familia es más importante que el dinero, más importante porque tu no puedes cambiarla.

Una familia es un grupo de genteque amas, y son las personas más cercanas a tí. Una familia tiene tiempos buenos y malos que usan para aprender sobre el futuro. Una familia te ayuda a aprender lo que es el amor, y como conectarte con otra gente

Unos miembros de mi familia vinieron a los E.E.U.U ilegalmente pero con la ayuda del presidente Reagan ya son ciudadanos. Mis familiares siempre han trabajado fuerte porque querían una vida mejor para sus niños. #AmericanDream

Amor por tus seres queridos a los que les tienes cariño pero a quienes les respetas su espacio y decisiones.

Familia no es sólo algo biológico, es una emoción.
Mi familia son las personas en mi vida que me dan cariño a mí
Mi familia no son sólo mis padres o mi hermano. Mi familia incluye a mis maestros favoritos, mis mejores amigos y todas las personas que me aman y que yo amo.

Unidas, Cómicas, Felices, Inteligentes, Bellas, Cariñosas y Apasionadas

La Familia es buena. Me gusta mi familia. Mi Familia es cercana. Da apoyo. Unidad. Unica. Para siempre. #familia #bien #amor #costumbres #divertida

De lo biológico a lo adoptivo, la familia no es determinada por la sangre. Familia son aquellos que son todos para ti.

La familia es algo muy bonito, una experiencia única porque sin ella no seríamos nada.Es a la gente de nuestro alrededor a la que más queremos, porque siempre van a estar allí para nosotros, sin importar nada.

La familia siempre está ahí para ti, a través de los tiempos difíciles. Nosotros somos pacíficos, siempre vamos a cuidarnos a cada uno, y nos amamos. Siempre estaremos unidos no importa dónde estemos tenemos un vínculo que no se va a romper.

Mi padre, el Rey
Mi madre, la Reina
Mi hermano, el príncipe
Yo misma, la princesa.
Somos un sistema, pero no de realeza.
Somos un sistema de clases, colectivo del viejo al joven.

Una familia necesita sentir amor y preocupación por sus seres amados.

Familia es algo que todos tenemos; no tienen que estar relacionados con uno, porque la gente que siempre está ahí durante los tiempos buenos y malos para apoyarnos, durante toda la vida, no importa lo que pase, esa sí es familia.

En mi opinión, un familiar no necesita ser de tu sangre para ser tu familia. La familia siempre te acepta incondicionalmente y siempre lo sacrifica todo por sus seres queridos. Una familia puede ser pequeña o grande pero siempre es familia.

La familia es algo muy importante y bastante especial, porque es algo sagrado que Dios nos permite tener al lado de nosotros. Es algo muy especial porque la familia va a ser la que siempre nos va a amar como a nadie y van a estar con nosotros en las buenas y en las malas.

La familia significa seres que se aman uno a otro,
Y te apoyan, ayudan, y aceptan como eres.
Una familia puede ser de todas las razas. Pueden ser blancas, negras, o hispanas.
No importa donde vivas, como te veas, o qué quieras en la vida.

Es como una cesta
Entretejida por varias cuerdas.
Cada cuerda precisa debe ser fuerte
Para crear una cesta
Que pueda aliviar el peso de la vida.
Si los nudos no son fiables, la cesta se desmorona;
Entonces, solo las vanas cuerdas permanecen.

La familia está construida de una mujer, un hombre y niños, pero en algunas familias hay parejas del mismo sexo. Algunas familias tienen amor y apoyo. Y aunque algunas parejas se divorcian, hay cariño entre las familias.

not getting the best grades
forgetting to set the table
but they always love you

midnight cookies with mom
bantering in the car with dad
little sister’s complaining
a family’s love is unconditional

I could not ask for a better family. My little sister, Hallie, is the sweetest most selfless person I know. My parents, John and Nita, are great. They’re giving, smart, hardworking, and kind. I don’t know what I would do without my family.

close-knit, tight, together
Father jokester, sarcastic, fun
Mother busy, authoritative, clean
Brother smart, nerdy, lazy
Sister sassy, small, wanting

Family is an eternal team. We all take care of each other and sacrifice for each other. Friends will always come and go but a brother will always be a brother. A family is a gift. A family is unique. A family is home. And there is only one family.

Family—doesn’t have to be blood related,
Family—you choose who you call family,
Family—a group of people who unit together for each other,

My family is like my team. We work together to make the best of life. They are the people I come to when I fall. They love me and I love them. What else can someone ask for? They are my everything. There’s never a dull moment when I’m with them.

Nothing you could ever ask for is better than a family. My family is the best family anyone could ever ask for. My family is nice, caring, funny, and not boring and nothing is better than coming home and being asked how your day was.

Love, Compassion, Care.
These words come to mind when one hears the word family.
always there to have your back.
their love will never lack.
Family is the most important thing in your life.
For when it is gone you will strife.

family is everything to me and my friends.

Family is my whole life, it is everything to me. I would die for it and do anything I can to keep my family together. Family is what will get me up in the morning and what will put me to sleep at night, they are my everything in this world.

A family is an orchestra
with each member playing as different sections.
Each section listens to each other and says what they want to say.
Perhaps they do not all play the same notes, but all are in harmony.

I see family as loving, caring and always there for me, always rooting for me but yet annoying as the younger one blares music across the house and is surprisingly apologetic and forgiving.

Family is like a circle of connections never ends. No matter how near or far apart, you are always right there in your heart. Family is the stars somehow they’re always there. God created families to love, honor, and obey. Families are strong

In a house that’s always squeaky clean,
you would assume one’s parents are very mean.
With my family that’s not the case.
No matter what they are always there for me.
They love me, and support me, and there’s nowhere I rather be.

Family is something everyone needs,
it brings everyone joy and happiness,
family is not just brought together by blood,
but by everlasting relationships,
family is not there when you’re brought into life,
but who you love along the way.

i love my family
my crazy, loud, funny family
they can always make me smile when i’m down,
and encourage me to always do my best.
Family is God’s greatest masterpiece and,
without family you’ll feel lost.
so that’s why i love my family.

A mother away never there too stay.
A father who’s numb from the hours spend with fingers on board putting us on hold.
Brother and sisters fight to no end, but still love each other till their dying breath.
My family is distant, but holds love.

My Family
Fun, Outgoing, and Protective
My Brother
Always there, a role model, and my best friend
My Father
Easy going, hard worker, and a great husband and father
My mother
Keeps things running, what she says goes, and is the best cook ever

Family is very important.
Family is the people that you’re always around
Family are the people you go to when you’re having a hard time
Family is what we will always need, never forget about family.

My family consists not only of what I have been born into, my mom, dad and brother, but also my friends I have collected throughout the years. I do the same things and act the same with my friends as I do with my family. So who’s to say they aren’t family

My mother taught me how to build family. She protected those she loved and fed everyone with food, ideas, and laughter. I hear her come out of my mouth when I call younger people “little badness” and I remind people to look out for each other.


Aceptación. Apoyo. Sacrifico constante. Desinterés. No importa cuán alto o cuan bajo, mi familia siempre está presente. Desde el momento en el que mi edad fue de segundos hasta que mi edad era de décadas, el amor de mi familia siempre ha estado presente y no tendrá fin.

unidos, alentadores, compreensivos, complicados, pequeña familia, pero siempre cariñosos. Raros, pero en una forma buena. Diferente de cualquier otra familia en el mundo; original.

La mitad de mi familia es alta, introvertida e inteligente. La otra mitad es baja, extrovertida, y divertida. Nosotros tenemos algunas diferencias pero estamos siempre juntos porque nosotros somos familia.

Mi familia es grande, amorosa, unida, alentadora, divertida, loca, diversa, cercana, cariñosa, y es una parte de mi vida muy importante.

Españoles, mexicanos, blancos puros, colores obscuros, todos diferentes, pero iguales. Somos todos uno, generación tras generación

Maryland, Iowa, Texas y los caminos de en medio: de allí es de donde es mi familia.

Diferentes colores, diferentes familias. Cada color es diferente, cada persona es diferente. Nunca encontrarás dos iguales. Diferentes tonos, diferentes modos de pensar. Nada es igual. Nadie es igual. La familia siempre es única.

Unidos, determinados, trabajadores, luchadores, únicos, amorosos, simpáticos. Fuerte, hermosa, unida, atenta, cuidadosa, humilde, religiosa, agradecida, sabia, paciente.

Una familia unida, en todo que hacen,
Nunca están apartados, siempre unidos.
El chico es el más grande de todos,
El viejo es el más inteligente, enfocado solo en los estudios,
la chica con actitud materialista en su corazón.
Así veo a mi familia

Familia es una expresión de amor y felicidad; la familia es esa que está unida en todo momento sin pensarse dos veces. La convivencia entre familiares significa el gran aprecio que se tiene por cada ser querido.

Una familia está llena de caras familiares. Una familia está llena de amor. Una familia está llena de gente con la que uno se puede relacionar.

La familia es grande y pequeña comparada con el mundo. No todos sabemos que el color de de la piel no es importante. Lo único que cuenta es poder decir que tienes una familia.

Españoles, mexicanos, blancos puros, colores oscuros, todos diferentes pero iguales. somos todos uno, generación tras generación

Amor incondicional. Mi ancla. Mi chaleco salvavidas. Mi constancia. Por siempre y para siempre.

Chicas. Chicos. Hermanos. Hermanastros. Padres. Padrastros. Heterosexuales. Homosexuales.
Las diferencias crean una linda familia.

Grande, inmigrantes, emigrantes, trabajadores, rancheros, inteligentes, altos, amorosos

Mi familia más verdadera, para mi, era la que yo escogí.

La familia que yo quiero tener en mi futuro como padre es tener una esposa con dos hijos, un niño y una niña, un perro como mascota y compadres con respeto.

I hesitated in the driveway of their new house, gravel crunching in the cold, with my bag. My wife. Our child.
Would I walk in or would I knock—like a guest, which I now was.

La familia, family
chromosomes, choice, circumstance
family, rodina
coincidence and coinciding
time and place
places us together
rodina, kazoku
challenges changing us
changed by challenges
together for (a) time, through time

As the wind blows wildly on that December night, we all gather in the little white house on the hill. Looking at each other with forced smiles covering the unspoken venom that lingers within. Peace comes only once a year to my only sanctuary.

La familia means you can always return no matter how far or for how long you stray.

Family is laughter. Family is friends sharing a milkshake with two straws, cheering on the sideline for the winning touchdown. It is the graduation cries and the wedding tears that illuminate the emotion. It is arguments of love. Family.

The energy unfolds in breaths achieved with laughter
And often stems from moments surrounded with comida típica
In moments when the faces of family members become mirrors of ourselves
The roots of memories cantan in this collectiveness

Grandmother’s apple dumplings cool on the counter, shreds of wrapping paper fall to the rug. The fire laps methodically at the kindling and the window blushes with fog.

Family is love

Array of diversity. Many forgotten and few represented but each represented in me. It tells of the beautiful Native American tribes, the colonists’ resolve, and the resilient Africans brought to new soil as slaves. My family is America.

The smell of his bay rum aftershave, the comfort of his arms protecting me, the feeling of a soft breeze coming off the lake as we fished. My time with my grandfather was short, but I remember every second with him.

I heard you adopted.
Any problems eating?
Just about anything you put in front of him.
How about sleeping?
All through the night.
How much does he weigh?
About eighty d
He’s eleven.

Our grandfather spread out his eagle wings, and we all sheltered under them.
Then we had to find our own wingspan.

La familia para mi es lo más importante, siempre tendrás a alguien con quien contar. Yo adoro a mi familia, ellos siempre me hacen feliz, a veces me frustran, como es normal, pero yo sé que al final ellos siempre me aman. Si tienes familia, cuídala.

Family means that you will never turn your backs on each other no matter what. When I think of family, I think of laughter, holidays, and comfort. Without my family (my parents, grandparents, and siblings), I would be absolutely nothing.

Family to me is the people who I am closest to, that includes my friends my siblings, my mother, and my dog Gia. This very small list of people and animal are the ones I consider my family they will always have my love and attention no matter what

We got him when he was only a couple months old. He had floppy ears and a scared look on his face. Now he is almost two years old; his name is Snowball. My dog is a part of our family, he never fails to greet us with love or cheer us up. He is my son.

Family is a team that always makes you feel loved.
Family is a support system that is always there for you.

My dream family is one who is always going to be by your side. One who treats you like a cousin and shows you love, not one who doesn’t consider you one cause you don’t talk to them. O how i wish my cousins would understand but i will still love them.

Family to me are the people who stick with you through the good and the bad. Family loves, nurtures, protects, and support you when others don’t. They are always there for you no matter what. Nothing’s better than having a family of your own.

uno, fair yet unwilling love
dos, a passion to protect
tres, matters 24/7
cuatro, ideal the first person to go to
cinco, luminous awakenings
seis, “you” is what matters to them.
The six together is what makes up F.A.M.I.L.Y

Familia is a big part of your life. Parents and siblings are supposed to stick together through thick and thin. They should go out of their way to help you. All families are alike and different in many ways.

Family is a bond that brings us close together.
For when the end comes we will be with each other forever.

When I think about mi Familia eso me conmueve mucho. Mi Familia siempre está conmigo, en las buenas y en las malas. Nobody can tear us apart, we’ve been through a lot with each other and without a doubt we’ve proven to stick together no matter what.

Family is multiple people there for you in a time of need. They show you unconditional love. It’s the few people that you can truly trust with anything. Ohana means family. Home means family and that is where the true story begins.

El amor que une a una familia es tan poderoso que nunca se muere, que ni la muerte lo termina, y que se queda para siempre, para millones de generaciones.

To me family is trust, Family is a union, Family is knowing they are there for you

La familia es lo más bonito, siempre unidos. Aunque a veces estemos en crisis siempre estaremos juntos, es lo más importante que uno puede tener. La familia no necesita ser de nuestra sangre, simplemente que te quieran y que les importes.

My future family is going to be a normal size family, it will be mi esposo, daughter, my son and myself. If it’s possible I will be a housewife while mi esposo is out working. We will every dinner together every night.

Family should be accepting. Family should be filled with love not with forcing other of their family members to be what they are not, they should not make them feel like a prisoner.

Family is the ones you love, care, laugh with. They’re always there for you when no one else is. They may give you advice and some may be very harsh. Every word they say, every action they make and every decision they take, is for your good.

A family who cares for you, helps you, and loves you is the family everyone wants. That’s the family I have and will always love them no matter what.

Family, is not just family members it’s those who fill you with love and joy. It’s not just mom, dad, brother or sister. It’s much more than that. Yes, tía, and tío are involved but then god sends a husband and his sisters to become part of it

Family is everything. Family is those who are there for you. Family isn’t necessarily blood relatives. Family are people who hit home. Family comes before everyone else. Love never ends when it comes to family.

Nadie tiene una familia perfecta,
Todos pasan por los peores momentos,
Pero todo depende en tener paciencia,
Aunque uno se aleja, tu familia siempre va estar ahí,
Para apoyarte en tus decisiones

Con fuerza, respeto, y valor se trata a la Familia porque ellos son los que nunca te dejarán solo aunque todos los demás te hayan dado la espalda. No pierdas tu tiempo mirando un aparato, ve a tu alrededor y disfruta a los que te aman.

La familia de tus sueños es tener una familia llena de amor y felicidad, llevar el amor de su vida en el corazón y ver al despertar unos hermosos hijos que nunca dejarás. Día y noche luchar por tu amor y lo que te hace sentir tan feliz

La familia son las personas que están contigo cuando las necesitas más. Aunque a veces piensas que estás a punto de caer, ellos te levantan. Ellos son los que te motivan a ser una mejor persona con su amor. Los héroes..

Family is all the colors of the rainbow. Full of different emotions they come together and make something beautiful.

Once there were four of us
Now there is only one
Although alone
Family of four forever remembered

When I think of family I begin to feel unconditional love. I treasure my family. Every day I wake up feeling beyond blessed and thankful. Without my family there is no me; they are my heart, they are my soul. Eternity.

Who do we think of when we say my family
Is it those who are near or those who are gone
We do think of the furry ones as well as those with skin
We try hard to be close with the emails, face books, real books, the right gifts
But mostly with the hugs OO:)

Familia pushes & pulls. Familia rises & falls. Familia are the spaces and the peoples that force us to look inside and put all the pieces together and take the pieces out and put them back in again until our soul is whole and free and ours again.

First eye-opening, first smile, first steps
Graduation, Partnership, Memorial
Your chosen ones, who have chosen you
By fortunate chance, or brave declaration.

family means several things to me
family means high expectations
family means bickering
family means hard times
family means baggage
family means growing together
family means support
family means learning
family means love

Love, care, excitement. Loyalty, trust, affection…. Everywhere I go I surround myself with Family. Without Family the world would be a cold, dark, lonely place. Family is everything.

Family is like the ocean you have your highs and lows but you’ll still be there for them. Family is an unbreakable force that’s solid as a diamond, no matter what happens, your love will be strong for them.

A family shares its
conflicts and conundrums,
challenges and celebrations,
collisions and collusions, and
Connects through common characters,
communities, complexity.
It charms and cuts us,
binds and bonds us
as one, as family.

The library of love that follows the roots of your blood,
and your teeth,
Preserved in that faded photograph.
It’s there, in the lap of your grandfather.
And over here, in that bouquet on his grave.
Family does not suffocate in dirt.

Staring at mobile devices
completely quiet other than
cats chasing each other and the
contented warble of parakeets
an occasional chuckle escapes
from our youngest daughter and
Tibetan Buddhist monk chanting
fills the air with serenity

To my son, with his tracheostomy, his constant wheezing and eyes perpetually side swept. I love you, how a hen protects her egg, the air I gave you. I love the blue struggle braided in, and the fire sometimes rising to the surface.

my family is like an old bridge,
we aren’t sturdy all the time,
but we always hold each other up when needed

my siblings are all older than me,
but even when they are out living their own lives
i know they’d drop it all in an instant if i needed them

Grateful and thankful for our family of listening ears; elastic arms that wrap around us or gently sets us free, but oh, that beautiful heart that is so full of unconditional love that fills our lives and touches our souls.

¿Qué es una familia?
Familia es unidad.
La familia es diversa
y está siempre cambiando.
Familia es
donde tu corazón late.
donde tú pones
tu árbol de Navidad.
Cerca de un fuego
brillante y caliente.
Familia es estar juntos
para siempre.

She waded that river into our hearts, Guatemala to Virginia. Love of my brother’s life, mother of cousins, artist, creator, inspiration, the changing face of the rock our familia builds upon. Cuñada, belle-soeur; hermana de mi corazón.

Farmworkers father.
Tossing grape pans on 100 degree summer days
Me following, 8 years olds big enough
To dump thin skinned grapes on paper trays
Spreading them to dry raisins in future tense.
Walking behind my father in the rows.

The day I first held my newborn son
I looked into my parents’ eyes, my own suddenly brimming,
And I understood.

Una Familia
La Familia es un grupo de personas a las que amas y en quienes confías
La Familia es un vínculo sagrado de la Sangre
La Familia apoya mutuamente en tiempos tristes

La familia te ayuda a sentirte seguro y
está aquí para ayudarte a ser quien quieres ser

La familia es muy cariñosa y amorosa
La familia me ayuda y cuida de mi
La familia me ama y me encanta la familia

La familia es una red de seguridad,
Siempre allí para dar una mano
Especialmente cuando la necesitas más.

La familia es mi corazón.
La familia es mi hogar; es mi abrigo.

La familia es la raíz de tu vida. La familia es muy feliz y muy triste.
En todo, tu familia está contigo. Tú nunca serás nada sin tu familia en tu corazón.

¿Qué es un hogar sin una familia? ¿Es solamente un lugar?
¿Tenemos más de una familia, más de un hogar?
¿Es la familia la que hace el hogar o el hogar el que hace a la familia?

Me dan abrigo a lo largo de mi vida
Siempre están aquí durante los altibajos

¿Qué es una familia?
La familia es diferente para todos
Padres hermanos abuelos amigos
Cuantas personas en la comunidad
¿A quién escogimos amar?
La familia es necesaria
todos los días
Todo el tiempo es buen tiempo para la familia

Besos son mis favorite regalos, all us thankful for the presence of Mami, Papi loves blooming Rosalba’s sonrisa; celebrando mis hermanos, reunidos with laughter, tears of familia now exchanged triumphantly with abrazos of our trust.

Our family is small. It’s just you and me. We’re bonded together for eternity. I’ve tried to be mother and father it’s true. My cherished reward is loving you. Each day together we grow, learn and teach. Even apart love is always in reach.

Concentric circles of love
enwrap mother father child husband pets
protract to embrace all people
all creatures
all the macrocosm
living and gone
Do I have to include spiders and ants?

Love, family, the failures between us—
  these are the places we know each other best

Una familia no es una familia porque las personas estén relacionadas con su sangre.
Una familia es una familia porque hay una conexión de amor entre dos personas.

La familia es un grupo de personas a las que amas y en quienes confías
La familia es un vínculo sagrado de la sangre
La familia es apoyo mutuo en tiempos tristes
La familia es amor y felicidad.

This morning I wake early
in the nest, I savor it, the family
gathered, sleeping the night in
our various cots and cubbyholes,
this the mark we’ll calculate from:
Remember that time
when we were all together?
I have this before we fly away.

Desde la ventana
observo complacida
a mis hijos
los protegió
el mismo vientre
hablan el mismo idioma
comparten rasgos similares
sin embargo
han desarrollado
criterios e intereses

misión cumplida.

De una familia pequeña a una grande, de solamente primos a solamente primas, sin hermanos a una hermana, de un pescado a un perro, de inocencia a libros y estudios, de español a inglés, de emigrante a inmigrante, de Colombia a Estados Unidos.

The group, the pod, our own synod
A little mom, a larger Pop
And the two of us, so we thought:
Our family, fraud of the block.
A picket fence, the plan we bought,
With members odd, who curse the god
of small things: Now, oh help me run!
They can walk.

La familia no consiste de tu madre o padre, tus hermanos o hermanas,
No es posible encontrar la familia en la sangre o mediante un apellido,
La familia es una sensación indescriptible de aceptación, felicidad, seguridad y amor.

f antástica
a sombrosa
m iembro
i mportante
l oca
i nfinita
a mor

Familia es todo

Mi equipo de football es mi familia.
Los jugadores son mis brothers.

La Familia
Un bond. Como no other.

All I care about
Mi favorita
I no podría vivir sin ellos

Amo a mi familia
Mi familia es la mejor
I have una familia asombrosa
Los perros de mi familia son muy tontos
Yo hablo con mi familia


Mi familia me hace feliz.




Amorosa Caring

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Kind Cómica

 Yo amo a mi familia

Family means many things to people, in my family, we each are so different-
but we make it work. The world should mirror this concept. Loving each other’s differences, because they are what make each one of us unique, and because we are family

Parents, grandparents, sister and me,
In the orchard at dawn.
Grownups picking peaches.
Sister telling stories, playing games.
Okie families, Mexican families.
Dust, heat, peach fuzz.
Children laugh, grown-ups work. Five cents a box.

Turkey sizzling hot on the stove. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins flooding into the house with food that they prepared. Prayer and thankfulness surrounds the room before we feast. This is thanksgiving for the Little family.

El árbol es muy fuerte y da alimento
Con sus ramas y hojas.
La mamá-árbol es un símbolo de descanso y alimento
Es un hogar para las mariposas
El árbol es mi templo
Me quedo en silencio
Es un santuario para mí
Hay nieve en Mt. Fuji
Mi familia es un grupo importante. Son personas brillantes que creen que se puede luchar por la excelencia. Mi familia es la razón de que yo esté aquí. Mi familia es una parte importante de mi vida. Yo voy a amar a mi familia el resto de mi vida.

En mi familia somos mis padres, mis hermanos y yo. Mi mamá es abogada y mi papá es  geólogo. Mi hermano Joseph tiene doce años y está en el séptimo grado. Mi otro hermano, Christopher, tiene cinco años y asiste a un jardín de infantes.

Mi familia es pequeña. Tengo madre, padre y solo una hermana. Todos son muy divertidos e interesantes. Yo hablo con mi hermana acerca de cada problema que tengo y ella me ayuda. Mi hermana tiene dieciocho años y está en la universidad. Toda mi familia es buena en mi vida.

Mi familia es especial porque sus integrantes se aman mucho entre ellos. Nosotros dedicamos mucho tiempo para hacer felices a las otras personas. Soy afortunado de tener una familia llena de amor.

Mi familia es fantástica

Imperfecta, pero aun así es la mejor

Fina en toda forma

Amable y cariñosa

Muy inteligente

Importante en mi vida

Levemente loca


Su actitud es común

Mi familia es muy tradicional. Tiene cinco personas. Mi mamá, mi papá, mis dos hermanas y yo. Mi papá tiene una compañía y mi mamá es ama de casa. Mi hermana mayor está en el colegio y mi otra hermana es una animadora. Mi papá estuvo en el servicio militar.

Mi familia es muy grande. Tengo tres perros: Gracie, Miles, y Scout. También tengo dos hermanastros, una hermana y un hermano. Mis padres son muy simpáticos y me ayudan con mi tarea. También ayudan a mi hermano con sus estudios de algebra y geometría.

Mi familia tiene cuatro niños y dos padres. Mi familia vivía en Dallas, pero después nos mudamos a Corpus y ahora vivimos en Austin. Mi familia es muy interesante pero muy cariñosa. Mis hermanos son muy atléticos y hablan mucho.

Mi familia se constituye de un papá, una mamá, dos hermanos y una hermana. Además de ellos, tengo un cuñado y dos sobrinas. Mi familia es muy grande, y todos se quieren mucho. Mi familia es muy importante para mí.

Mi familia tiene cuatros miembros. Yo vivo con toda mi familia. Mi familia son mi madre, mi padre y mi hermano. Nosotros tenemos un perro también. Mi perro se llama Duke y es muy precioso. Mi hermano juega fútbol americano y otros deportes.

Mi familia es como una fábrica. Nosotros siempre estamos ocupados. Toda mi familia tiene un trabajo que hacer. Nosotros trabajamos todos juntos. Nos necesitamos mutuamente, al igual que una fábrica necesita sus máquinas.

   La familia es importante

   Alberto es mi hermano

   Mi madre está loca por las tortugas

la identidad de mi familia es muy importante

   Los primos y mi familia son muy cercanos

la influencia de mi familia en mi es muy fuerte

mi abuela es feliz, pero es muy fuerte.

Familia. Un grupo de personas. Hermanas, hermanos, mamá y papá. O un grupo de amigos, un grupo de enemigos, una familia de dos mamás, o dos papás. O una familia de uno solo. Familias solitarias.

Mi familia es como un equipo porque trabajamos juntos para vencer los desafíos de la vida. A veces ganamos, pero otras veces perdemos, o no triunfamos. Perder no es un problema, porque nos queremos el uno al otro mucho. Y en mi familia, el amor siempre gana.

Mi familia

Es muy importante

Para mí porque

Provee cultura y

personalidad para


Mi familia

es muy, muy grande—tengo

muchos primos y

muchos tíos.

Los amo a todos ellos.

Mi familia es agradable.

Mi familia se compone de mis amigos más cercanos.

Mi mamá es muy cómica y simpática.

Mi padre es muy inteligente y serio.

Todos mis hermanos son muy divertidos.

Mis parientes pueden vivir lejos, pero amo a mi familia.


La familia siempre va a ayudarme
Me ayudan con mis preocupaciones
Mi familia es lo más importante
Lo más activo en mi vida
Mi familia es muy loca e inteligente
Luego hablan con toda la familia
Imagino mi vida con ellos siempre
Antes mi familia era muy aburrida

Mi familia es interesante
Mi familia es divertida
Mi familia es cómica
Mi familia es simpática
Mi familia es positiva
Mi familia es inteligente
Mi familia es trabajadora
Mi familia es feliz
Mi familia es importante
Mi familia es mía siempre

Yo amo a mi familia. No siempre son muy buenos, pero las familias nunca pueden ser perfectas.
Yo soy un muchacho típico, por eso no soy único.
Vamos de vacaciones una vez al año.
En mi casa tenemos dos baños.
Yo, mi hermano, mi madre y mi padre somos unidos.

Cuando los tiempos son malos
y el mundo parece ser un otoño lejano
las personas de las que puedes depender, en su mayoría,
son las personas que están siempre frente a tu cara
las personas a quienes amas en su mayoría
tu familia

Mi familia no es como ninguna otra. Nosotros estamos locos, somos fantásticos, y especiales. Ellos son el sol en mi vida, el río en mi desierto y mi familia para siempre.

Mi familia es muy importante para mí
Mis abuelas son simpáticas
Inteligente es la palabra que describe a mi madre
Los deportes son importantes para mi familia
Un importante evento para mi familia es la iglesia
Mi abuelo es muy feliz

Fuego, porque mi familia es apasionada
Mis abuelas son muy dulces y viejas
Los perros de mi familia son bonitos y pequeños
En los inviernos es cuando mi familia se reúne para las fiestas
Los parientes son locos
Inteligentes personas
Los abuelos son ambles

Mi familia es especial. Es un grupo loco
A veces los extraño mucho, y a veces un poco
Mi familia es grande y simpática
Siempre están llevando el amor a la práctica
Mi familia es mi número uno. Mi familia. Los amo mucho
Y también a mi perrito Lucho

Mi familia es muy, pero muy complicada. Nosotros no hacemos muchas cosas juntos. Pero cuando llegan las fiestas, todo se hace fantástico. Toda la familia viene a casa, y también los amigos. Después todos bailan, comen y se divierten toda la noche

Mi familia es muy tradicional. Yo tengo madre, padre, un hermano y un perro. El nombre de mi perro es BJ y mi madre se llama Kina. Mi padre se llama Chris y mi hermano se llama Ian. Mi madre es enferma y mi padre y yo somos muy cercanos.

Mi familia es grande. Gran parte de mi familia es Católica. Yo no sé todo sobre mi familia porque es muy grande. Mi familia al lado de mi madre es más musical pero mi familia a lado de mi padre es sobre el fútbol americano. Amo mi familia.

En mi familia yo soy la mayor de todos mis hermanos. Mi papá es un tambor y mi mamá es una niñera. La religión de mi familia es cristiana. El deporte favorito de mi familia es el fútbol porque mis hermanos menores y mi papá son jugadores de fútbol.

Mi familia está compuesta de diferentes personalidades. Mi mamá es la columna vertebral de la familia. Ella sabe más que yo y mis hermanos. Ella siempre sabe lo que hay que hacer en situaciones difíciles. Mi papá es muy cómico y ruidoso.

Mi familia es tradicional, pero es única porque la constituyen inmigrantes de la India. Yo aprendí mucho de mi familia de inmigrantes sobre la identidad, y las culturas  y perspectivas diferentes, y también a ser una ciudadana buena.

Mi familia es diversa. Mi papá es de Túnez y mi mamá es de Tejas. A mi hermana y mi nos enseñaron a hablar inglés y árabe cuando éramos pequeñas. También, hablamos español con la familia de mi mamá. En mi familia, todo mundo es diferente.

En mi familia tengo padres, hermanos, tíos primos y parientes a quienes ni siquiera conozco. Mi familia vive a seis horas de distancia de mi, en Donna y Harlingen, Tejas.

Mi madre es enfermera y mi padre es ingeniero eléctrico.

Siempre tenemos peleas y nos gritamos unos a otros. Mi familia tiene cabello rubio y los ojos azules. Mi hermano y yo jugamos al fútbol y amamos los deportes. Mi papá también entrena fútbol. Mi mamá y mi hermana me aman aunque estemos molestos.

En mi familia hay tres niños y dos padres. Los niños son dos chicas y un chico. Mi hermana, Cassie, es mi media hermana y ella vive en Houston. En los fines de semana a mi familianos gusta ver películas juntos.

Mi familia es muy grande. Yo tengo un hermano y siete primos. Tengo un padrastro y mi padre biológico está en el NAVY. Mi madre estuvo en el NAVY antes de que yo naciera. Mi hermano es molesto a veces, pero es cómico generalmente. Yo amo a mi familia

Mi familia s mi favorita familia porque es mía. Mi medio hermano es rojo porque es mi favorito y resuelto; mi madre es naranja porque es muy feliz y radiante; mi padre es verde porque es calmado y bueno, y juntos todos nosotros formamos un arco iris.

Mi familia es muy grande. Tengo un cómico padre y una simpática madre. Mi hermano tiene 19 años y es ambicioso. Mi hermano se llama Ryan y vive en Lubbock. Mi familia es de Dallas pero mi madre, mi padre y yo vivimos en Austin. Tengo dos perros.

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