Oh no i forgot the milk

Listen up! There’s over one hundred beverage puns hidden in this song!
Can you find them all?
Tee off, brewed up and running
Ooh, long time coming!

You’re cordially invited
Squashin’ sprites while run and gunnin’
Picture this, just a couple of cups
In a lot o’ trouble, bubbling up
Yeah, they went and made a deal with the Devil
Should’ve heeded the kettle, now they’re stuck in a rut!
Kids inside of Hell’s Casino!

Think they’d know better
What do we know?
Won so much, had a mountain due
King Dice sure as’ wouldn’t pay the fee, no!
He’d pay their tab if they played!
Clear the vault! Or become slaves!
Struck a deal, made a mockery of fair trade
Let’s see how the dark lord does against some earl grey!

Here’s a real high class bout!
Milk, milk, lemonade
Around the corner, Satan waits!
Suck it up! You’ve debts to pay!
Don’t forget the deal you made!
Milk, milk, lemonade
All swept up on a gay tirade!
This beverage needs leverage to ever get away!

This bargain really takes the pee, no?
Straws and shorts, no cap or chinos
Infernal Bailiffs to pay our bail is
Hardly what I’d call a dream job
It’s two cups, one apocalypse, so
You’d best start ticking off your list of
Whining brutes who bucked Mephisto!
Snapped in half and smashed like crystal!

Relentless monsters out to get me
I won’t be chided, I’m filled with pep, see?
I’m a rockstar, I got the moxie!
To debt collect by demonic proxy!
Autopsy! Call the coroner!
This crockery’s come for your soul, sir!
I got a plane, no flying saucer!
Don’t upset me, I’ll runneth you over!
It’s a good day for a swell battle!
Milk, milk, lemonade
Around the corner, Satan waits!
Suck it up! You’ve debts to pay!
Don’t forget the deal you made!
It’s risky business when you’re playing devil’s advocate
This beverage needs leverage to ever get away!

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I’m serving up a little appetiser
Might I suggest a lil’ taser fire?
Who ordered Belzebubbly’s darklings?
Can’t stand still, my kill count’s sparkling!
How many enemies? I forgot, oh!
Uno! Dos! Tres! Quatro!
No stopping all the noggins that I’m bopping
One lump or two? It takes two to tango!
Shake me, I ain’t exploding!
Undercover, locked and loaded
No solo cup, co-op’s open!
Need a villainess quick go blow my load in!

As in, guns
The the load from his finger guns
Get your mind out of the gutter!
Rosey cheeks and a couple of handguns
Pop a cork in your ass, don’t need no magnum
Champ ain’t bluffin’, don’t misjudge
My teeny gloves can pack a punch!

A brawl is surely brewing!
Milk, milk, lemonade
Around the corner, Satan waits!
Suck it up! You’ve debts to pay!
Don’t forget the deal you made!
This cup will lynch up half the town, to drag them all back down
Looks like I joined your cult, hope you’re prepared to meet your fate
Oh, Cuphead! What do I do?

I’ve been mashing on the buttons till my thumbs are blue!
But if I’d come a mile in a pair of your shoes
I’d probably be reaching for a share of your juice!
I’m a star by killing monsters
Just one soul is all it cost
I’m not sponsored! You best call a doctor!
Peppering my enemies with energy shots
I’ll crush your flat, why try escape?

Leave you bobbing on the crest of the ocean spray
Hard to port, I’ll rock your boat
This sailor Jerry rigged the game!
I’ll send this captain to a morgue
And then it’s on to kill a Gorgon!
Haunted express? So boring!
Big red bully of a djinn’s out of fortunes!

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Power thirst usurps redemption
What once would abhor looks awful tempting
Coldhearted, slashing my targets
Ice and a slice when I call your debts in
Don’t be blue, nothing personal, bro
To break this curse, I’ve ways to go
I’m dropping demons from A to Z
But I mostly just do H2O

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