Siren head

Piggy Intercity Siren Head MOD

You, Bunny, Pony and Zizzy has build a strong base where you are safe from the infected Piggy(s) outside. However, Siren Head has destroyed your camp gate. Now you are exposed to the danger. You should take your revenge on Siren head!


– If you get hit by an infected piggy you lose 10HP.
– Some Infected (cartoon cat) are hard to kill than others.
– Every 2 minutes 3 enemies get spawned.
– You have a Thirst and a hunger bar (You can find water bottles and burgers all over the map)


– You can customize your skin.
– You can name your character.
– Cool and simple gameplay.
– Forest Map included.

Your goal is to give Pony, Zizzy and Bunny their weapons to shoot Siren Head.

Feel free to leave you feedback.
Enjoy playing.

Updated on

Mar 5, 2021


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