Take up

It took me all day to finish that job.

How long did it take?

We took a taxi home at the end of the night.

Will you take me to the bus station?

Please, take a cake from the tray.

His friend took the TV from him.

The robber took my purse and ran away.

He didn’t have the money to pay for the candy, so he just took it.

I refuse to take your money.

He took the radio to his friend’s house.

She took the money and ran to the store.

Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement.

This line of poetry is taken from Dante’s Inferno.

The teacher took the magazine from the student.

Don’t take it like that! That’s not what I meant.

The photographer took several shots of the bride and groom. I always take loads of photos when I’m on holiday.

I don’t know how to take what you just said. This is important work; we need to take it seriously.

The batter always takes the first pitch.

He took one of his opponent’s pawns in the chess game.

The murderer has taken many lives.

Yes, please take the rubbish.

We took a holiday in Argentina last year.

I take two sugars in my coffee.

I am so dirty. I really need to take a bath.

This musical takes its inspiration from a Shakespeare play.

Will you take three hundred pounds for the table?

What will it take to convince you?

I can’t take it any more! Let me out of here!

He realized that he had been taken when the camera he bought had no working parts inside.

He takes the medicine without complaining.

What size do you take?

I take a size six in boots, but a size five in shoes.

I decided to take French next term.

We only take the most intelligent students in this college.

Please come in and take a seat.

He took thousands of dollars at the casino.

How much will it take to buy this car?

Do you take credit cards?

The police took the criminal without any problems.

The conveyor belt takes the part to the next station.

We took ten brace of pheasants at the shoot.

The army took the town after forty-eight hours of fighting.

The generals took power and exiled the President.

I’ve tried to learn a few words of Japanese but they just don’t seem to take.

I do hope the lilac takes as I’d love a lilac hedge.

The serum doesn’t always take the first time, and a second inoculation may be needed.

I couldn’t get the stamp to take no matter how many times I licked it.

We had to oil it four times before the machine would take.

This movie is the director’s take on the classic love story.

What’s your take on the issue?

The second take had too much bass.

OK, everybody. This is going to be our fifth take. Let’s get it right now. Action!

The take for tonight’s show was three thousand dollars.

Your take is limited to three fish per month.

Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement.

Compound Forms:



be in the driver’s seat,
take the driver’s seat,
have the driver’s seat,
be in the driving seat
v expr figurative (have control) 


tener la sartén por el mango loc verb  

If he thinks he can lead the team better, let him have the driver’s seat.


Si él cree que puede manejar al equipo mejor, déjalo tener la sartén por el mango.



tener el mando loc verb   


tener el timón loc verb  

Si él cree que puede manejar al equipo mejor, déjalo tener el mando.

catch a cold,
catch cold,
take a cold
v expr (contract cold virus)resfriarse⇒ v prnl   agarrar un resfriado loc verb   


pescarse un resfrío loc verb   


coger un resfriado loc verb  

If you go out in this rain without a coat you’re liable to catch a cold.


Si sales con esta lluvia y sin abrigo, te resfriarás.

catch fire,
catch on fire,
also UK: catch light,
catch alight,
also US: take fire
v expr (ignite)prender fuego loc verb   prender en llamas loc verb  

Gasoline can catch fire very easily. If you knock that candle onto the rug, it will catch on fire.


La gasolina puede prender fuego fácilmente.

  incendiarse⇒ v prnl   prenderse fuego loc verb  

La gasolina puede incendiarse fácilmente.





unawares v expr (catch off-guard)agarrar desprevenido a loc verb   tomar por sorpresa a loc verb  

The question caught the minister unawares; she didn’t have an answer prepared.



agarrar desprevenido loc verb deal with the consequences,
take the consequences
v expr (accept)atenerse a las consecuencias loc verb  

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Let’s just do it now and deal with the consequences later.

  aceptar las consecuencias loc verb   


apechugar con las consecuencias loc verb deal with the consequences,
take the consequences
v expr (suffer) 


pagar el pato expr   pagar los platos rotos expr   cargar con el muerto, levantar el muerto expr  

The president did it but it was his successor who had to deal with the consequences.


Lo hizo el presidente pero su sucesor tuvo que pagar el pato.

  sufrir las consecuencias loc verb do a double take,
also UK: do a double-take
v expr (look surprised)tener que mirar dos veces loc verb  

I did a double take when I saw Richard; he looks completely different without a beard!

double take,
also UK: double-take
n (surprised response)sorpresa nf   mirar dos veces loc verb  

Dan thought no one noticed his double take when the eccentrically dressed man passed him in the street, but I did.


Dan creyó que nadie había notado su sorpresa cuando el hombre excéntrico pasó por al lado de él, pero yo la noté.


Dan creyó que nadie lo había visto mirar dos veces cuando el hombre excéntrico pasó por al lado de él, pero yo lo vi.

take your first steps v expr (baby: starting to walk)dar los primeros pasos loc verb   hacer pinitos loc verb  

The baby took its first steps today.


El bebé dio sus primeros pasos hoy.

take the first step v expr figurative (initial action towards goal) 


dar el primer paso expr  

James took the first step to becoming a doctor by beginning a medical degree.

get a thrashing,
take a thrashing
v expr informal (be beaten physically)llevarse una paliza loc verb   


recibir una golpiza loc verb   

(ES: coloquial)

recibir más palos que una estera loc verb  

Petros regularly took a thrashing from his violent father.


A menudo, Petros se llevaba una paliza de su padre violento.

get a thrashing,
take a thrashing,
be given a thrashing
v expr figurative, informal (be defeated: at sport, etc.)recibir una paliza loc verb  

The Democrats took a thrashing on Election Day.


Los demócratas recibieron una paliza el día de las elecciones.

get takeout,
get takeout food (US),
get a take-away,
get a takeout,
get a take-out (UK)
v expr informal (order food to go)pedir comida para llevar loc verb give and take,
n informal (compromise)dar y recibir loc nom m  

Marriage is all about give and take between the partners.


El matrimonio es un dar y recibir entre dos.

  toma y daca loc nom m  

El matrimonio es un toma y daca entre dos.

give and take,
n informal (conversation)intercambio nm   ir y venir expr   dar y recibir expr give or take


expr informal (plus or minus)más, menos loc adv  

I’ve been away from home for three months, give or take a few days.


He estado viviendo fuera de casa tres meses, días más, días menos.

give or take expr informal (more or less)más o menos loc adv  

My new car cost $9000, give or take.


Mi coche nuevo cuesta $9.000, más o menos.

have a bash,
take a bash
v expr informal (try, make an attempt)probar⇒ vtr   tratar⇒ vtr   intentar⇒ vtr   hacer el intento loc verb have a bash at


take a bash at


v expr informal (try, attempt to do


)probar⇒ vtr   tratar⇒ vtr   intentar⇒ vtr  

I’m not sure if I can put the shelf up, but I’ll have a bash at it.


No sé si voy a poder poner el estante, pero voy a probar.

let the devil take the hindmost,
the devil take the hindmost
expr (leave others to their fates)que sea lo que Dios quiera expr take


lying down adj informal, figurative (not resisting or fighting back)aceptar sin protestar loc verb   aceptar de manera sumisa loc verb  

The worker refused to take his dismissal lying down, vowing to take his employer to court.


El empleado se negó a aceptar su despido sin protestar, jurando que demandaría a su empleador.

not take kindly to


v expr (not welcome)sentir rechazo por loc verb  

I do not take kindly to people who don’t know me calling me ‘honey’.


Siento rechazo por la gente que me llama «mi amor» sin conocerme.

  no ver con buenos ojos loc verb  

No veo con buenos ojos a la gente que me llama «mi amor» sin conocerme.

be on the take v expr informal (take bribes)aceptar sobornos loc verb   


aceptar coimas loc verb on your mark,
on your marks,
take your mark,
take your marks
interj (sport: take up starting position)puesto nm   


marca nf  

On your marks; get set; go!


A sus puestos; listos; ¡ya!


En sus marcas, listos ¡fuera!

n (TV, cinema: deleted scene)toma eliminada nf + adj   escena eliminada nf + adj   escena descartada nf + adj  

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At the end of the movie they showed several outtakes during the credits.

power takeoff,
also UK: power take-off
n (device that transfers power)toma de fuerza loc nom m sit up and take notice v expr figurative (become alert and attentive)estar alerta expr take a back seat v expr figurative (be less prominent)mantenerse al margen loc verb   mantenerse en segundo plano loc verb  

Ron took a back seat and let his son run the family business.

take a backseat,
take a back seat
v expr (occupy inferior position) 


ceder el lugar loc verb


: Often ‘take a back seat to’ something or someone.take a bashing,
get a bashing,
take a bashing,
suffer a bashing
v expr informal (be beaten physically)recibir una paliza loc verb   tunda nf   golpiza nf   

(MX, coloquial)

tranquiza nf take a bashing,
get a bashing,
suffer a bashing
v expr figurative, informal (be defeated) 


recibir una paliza loc verb  

The team took a bashing in today’s match, losing 6-0.

take a bashing,
get a bashing,
receive a bashing,
be given a bashing
v expr figurative, informal (be attacked verbally, in writing)recibir ataques loc verb   recibir insultos loc verb   


andanada nf   

(adj mf)

plegoniza nf  

The movie took a bashing from the critics.


La película recibió ataques de los críticos.

take a bath,
also UK: have a bath
v expr mainly US (bathe)bañarse⇒ v prnl   darse un baño loc verb  

I prefer to take a shower, while others like to take a leisurely bath.


Yo prefiero ducharme, a otros les gusta más bañarse sin prisa.

take a beating,
suffer a beating
v expr informal (be defeated) 

(figurado, perder)

recibir una paliza loc verb take a bow v expr (bow for applause)saludar ante el público loc verb   


hacer una caravana loc verb  

At the end of a play it’s customary for the actors to take a bow at the front of the stage.


Al final de una función, se acostumbra que los actores saluden ante el público al frente del escenario.

take a break v expr (have a rest)tomar un descanso loc verb  

Take a break – we’ll finish painting the door frames later.


Tómate un descanso, terminaremos de pintar los marcos de la puerta después.

take a breath v expr (inhale)respirar hondo loc verb  

I always take a deep breath before I begin.

take a breather,
have a breather
v expr informal (take a break)darse un respiro expr take a call v expr (accept a telephone call)tomar una llamada loc verb   recibir una llamada loc verb  

I’m sorry to interrupt but I need to step outside to take a call. I may need to take a call during the meeting.


Siento interrumpir, pero tengo que salir a tomar una llamada. Puede ser que necesite tomar una llamada durante la reunión.

take a census of


conduct a census of
v expr (conduct a survey)hacer un censo de loc verb   hacer un sondeo de loc verb  

Rupert took a census of opinion but found no support for his suggestion.


Él hizo un censo de opinión, pero no encontró apoyo a su propuesta.


Él hizo un sondeo de opinión, pero no encontró apoyo a su propuesta.

  hacer un censo de loc verb   hacer un sondeo de loc verb  

Él hizo un censo de opinión, pero no encontró apoyo a su propuesta.


Él hizo un sondeo de opinión, pero no encontró apoyo a su propuesta.

take a chance v expr (act on a possibility)probar suerte loc verb  

Yes, it’s possible I won’t win, but I’ll take a chance.


No sé si ganaré, pero voy a probar suerte.

  hacer un intento loc verb  

Es posible que no gane, pero voy a hacer un intento.

take a chance v expr (gamble, risk


)apostar por vi + prep   arriesgarse por v prnl + prep  

She took a chance on him, promoting him despite his lack of experience.


Ella quiso apostar por él pese a su falta de experiencia.

  correr el riesgo loc verb  

Corrió el riesgo de ascenderle a pesar de su falta de experiencia.

take a close look,
take a careful look
v expr (examine, inspect


)examinar⇒ vtr   mirar detenidamente loc verb  

If you take a close look, you’ll see that this banknote has no watermark – it’s a forgery.


Si examinas el billete, verás que es falso, no tiene marca de agua.

  mirar de cerca loc verb take a close look at


take a careful look at


v expr (examine, inspect


)revisar cuidadosamente loc verb   


revisar cuidadosamente a loc verb  

Before buying a used car, I take a careful look at the engine.


(coloquial, figurado)

mirar con lupa loc verb   


mirar con lupa a loc verb  

Antes de comprar un coche usado, miro con lupa el motor.

  mirar con atención loc verb   


mirar con atención a loc verb take a course,
take a course in


v expr (attend classes, study)hacer un curso loc verb  

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I once took a course in physics – I couldn’t understand a word of it!


En una ocasión hice un curso de Física. ¡No entendí ni una palabra!

  asistir a un curso loc verb   

(AR, coloquial)

ir a un curso loc verb   tomar un curso loc verb  

Una vez tomé un curso de física y no entendí nada.



tomar clases loc verb take a crack at


v expr informal (attempt


)probar⇒ vi   intentar⇒ vtr  

I can’t finish this crossword puzzle – do you want to take a crack at it?


No puedo terminar este crucigrama, ¿quieres probar tú?


No puedo terminar este crucigrama, ¿quieres intentar tú?

take a crack at


v expr slang (criticize



criticar⇒ vtr  

It’s easy to take a crack at his new girlfriend- she’s ugly, stupid, and unemployed.


Es fácil criticar a su nueva novia: es fea, estúpida y no tiene trabajo.

take a dig at


v expr informal (criticize or attack verbally) 

(criticar, coloquial)

poner a caldo loc verb   criticar⇒, insultar⇒ vtr  

Sally’s been taking digs at her colleagues, and they’re not pleased about it.


Sally ha estado poniendo a caldo a sus colegas, y estos no están muy contentos.

take a dim view of


v expr figurative (disapprove) 


ver con malos ojos loc verb  

Her parents took a dim view of her choice of boyfriends.


Sus padres veían con malos ojos a los chicos que elegía como novios.

  ver con desconfianza, ver con recelo loc verb  

Sus padres veían con desconfianza a los chicos que elegía como novios.

  dar una mirada reprobatoria loc verb  

Sus padres daban miradas reprobatorias a los chicos que elegía como novios.

  ver con desaprobación loc verb  

Sus padres veían con desaprobación a los chicos que elegía como novios.

take a dirt nap v expr slang, figurative (be dead) 


pasar a mejor vida loc verb  

The idiot overdosed on drugs, now he’s taking a dirt nap.


El idiota tuvo una sobredosis y pasó a mejor vida.



estirar la pata loc verb  

Si sigues bebiendo y fumando así, vas a estirar la pata en cualquier momento.

take a dive v expr informal (prices, etc.: fall)caer⇒ vi take a dive v expr (sports: pretend to fall)tirarse⇒ v prnl take a drag v expr slang (inhale on a cigarette) 


dar una calada loc verb   


dar una jalada loc verb   


dar una piteada, dar una piteadita loc verb   


dar una pitada loc verb take a dump,
have a dump
v expr vulgar, slang (defecate)cagar⇒ vi   

(AR, vulgar)

echar un cago loc verb take a fancy to


v expr informal (have a liking for) 


sentirse atraído por loc verb take a flyer,
take a flier
v expr US, informal (take a risk, gamble)arriesgarse⇒ v prnl take a hand in


take a hand in doing


have a hand in


have a hand in doing


v expr (participate, take part in


)tomar parte en algo loc verb + prep   participar en algo vi + prep take a hard line,
take the hard line
v expr (be staunch, uncompromising)adoptar una postura firme loc verb take a hard line on


take the hard line on


v expr (be staunch about


)tener una postura firme loc verb Take a hike! v expr informal, figurative (go away)largarse⇒ v prnl Take a hike! interj figurative, slang (Go away!) 

(CR, coloquial)

¡vaya dese una vuelta! loc interj   


¡vete a freír espárragos! loc interj   

(AR, coloquial)

¡andá a freír churros!, ¡andá a lavar los platos! loc interj   ¡váyase a paseo!, ¡vete a paseo! loc interj   


¡vete a cagar! loc interj   


¡andá a freír papas! loc interj   


¡síguela por ahí! loc interj   

(AR, UY, coloquial)

¡tomátelas! interj


: Con frecuencia con pronunciación aguda (tomatelás) para darle mayor énfasis.  

(AR, coloquial)

¡picátelas! interj


: Con frecuencia con pronunciación aguda (picatelás) para darle mayor énfasis.  

(MX, coloquial)

¡vete a volar! loc interj take a holiday v expr UK (go away on vacation)tomarse vacaciones loc verb


: También «tomarse unas vacaciones». 

After five long months of work I was ready to take a holiday.


Después de cinco largos meses de trabajo, estaba necesitando tomarme unas vacaciones.

  salir de vacaciones loc verb   


coger unas vacaciones loc verb take a job v expr (accept employment)aceptar un trabajo loc verb  

She needed money so badly that she took a job as a waitress in a seedy bar.


Estaba tan falta de dinero que aceptó un trabajo de camarera en un bareto de mala muerte.

  tomar un trabajo, tomar un empleo loc verb take a joke v expr informal (have a sense of humour) 


tener correa loc verb  

Esta oración no es una traducción de la original.

Seguro que no se enfadará, tiene mucha correa.

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