Te extraño papa

I miss you dad is an application with many beautiful images to remember a father who went to heaven and we miss him with all our hearts.
I lost my father at the age of 17 and it was very hard for me, that’s why I always like to create and share images and phrases in memory of a father that I miss with all my strength and will live forever in my heart.
You can choose between all the phrases to remember your dear father with great gratitude and affection, there are images for all tastes and possible situations, sometimes there are places and moments that make us remember those loved ones who are no longer there, with these images of mourning for a father you can always have at hand a beautiful phrase to remember your father.
You can also find mourning images for father’s day, they are images of the father’s day who is in heaven that you can share on this special day wishing dad a happy day to heaven.
The images contain a mourning bow to emphasize that we are in mourning but we will always have our father in our hearts

Updated on

Jul 2, 2021


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