Turkey’s most enjoyable English word game. PRIMARY-SECONDARY
Improve your English with the words prepared by the expert English Teacher CAN ÇİLEK.
Unlike the Worder classic word games, it covers the primary and secondary school curriculum, those who successfully complete the levels will achieve success in school. Preparing for writing in classes has never been easier to memorize words !!!
Secondary school grade level from 10 units; each unit consists of 40 words.
Primary school class level consists of 10 units; each unit consists of 20 words.

Class 8 UPSWING 10×40 = 400 words
Grade 7 ROOT-10×40 = 400 words
Grade 6 ROUTE 10×40 = 400 words
Grade 5 SPECIFIC 10×40 = 400 words
Class 4 10×20 = 200 words
Class 3 10×20 = 200 words
Class 2 10×20 = 200 words

Try; you will see it works. Make a difference to your classmates 🙂

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Feb 25, 2022


Learn English vocabulary with Worder app! The app is absolutely free to use without any fees. Worder will help you if you want to prepare to English exams, enrich your English vocabulary or just looking for a fun and efficient way to learn English words. Worder is a professional word booster and vocabulary builder – with this app you will build your English vocabulary easily. Over 100,000 English words, idioms, phrases, phrasal verbs with pronunciation, examples and translations included in our dictionary. Daily updates will allow you to learn new English words every day. Worder also includes a variety of vocabulary and word games which will help you to build your English vocabulary. App features: * No fees at all * Integrated online English vocabulary with more than 100,000 English words (with English idioms, phrases, irregular verbs and phrasal verbs) * All English words in our vocabulary contain meanings with synonyms, examples and pronunciation * Irregular words are marked, and all forms are shown for each irregular verb. * Full learning statistics * Fun and efficient English vocabulary word games. A huge variety of trainings – words of the day, random words and so on. * Translate English words and phrases into Dutch, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi and Korean languages. * Marketplace with English word lists. You can download new word sets, create your own sets and share them among other users * New English words every day with our «words of the day» feature * Random words from our vocabulary * Random words from user vocabulary * Thousands variations of different English words trainings * Flexible settings for each training * Sync data between devices with one account We provide a «words of the day» functionality which will help you to build your English dictionary with new English words. Receive daily updates and build your English vocabulary with us. Special training modes include: * Trainings from our Word of the day word sets. You can learn English words from our words of the day sets which we publish daily. Each set includes common English words with phrasal and irregular verbs, and a few English idioms. * Trainings with random English words from our vocabulary. * Trainings with random English words which you added to your vocabulary. * Special trainings where you can repeat the words from your previous trainings. The app contains English words for all levels of English: beginner, intermediate and advanced students will be able to find new words to study. Learn English words and build your English vocabulary with our free vocabulary builder app. The app will be an ideal solution if you want to prepare to English exams such as: TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, and CPE. Feel free to write to me if you have any ideas or questions regarding my vocabulary builder app: [email protected]

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