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Hotelito Yum Kaax is a lodging and experience proposal that seeks to constantly innovate and evolve, while we seek an immersion of our guests to experience the sensation of the Yucatecan culture up close.

Our team aspires to give the best service and attention to our guests, thus contributing to an extraordinary trip, proximity, good communication and constant attention will make your stay extraordinary, we want you to enjoy Mérida and its surroundings, that is why we will give you relevant information (Recommendations of what to do and where to go), so that you get the most out of your time in Merida and with us.

You will have a private, quiet, comfortable and spacious room, perfectly equipped with everything you need to plan, rest (maybe work a little, using the high-speed Wi-Fi) and enjoy your trip.


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Jeroglífico maya representando a la deidad Yum Kaax

Yum Kaax (pronunciación maya: [jum kaːʃ], ‘señor del bosque’) es un nombre idioma maya para el dios de la vegetación silvestre y guardián de sus animales.

En el pasado, este personaje ha sido erróneamente descrito como deidad agrícola, e incluso como el dios del maíz (dios E de los códices mayas), un concepto tan popular como falso.[1]​ En la realidad etnográfica, Yum Kaax es un dios de las plantas silvestres y de los animales importantes para los cazadores. Como tal, puede extender su protección a los maizales contra las incursiones de la naturaleza salvaje representada por él mismo. Por la misma razón, su nombre es invocado por los agricultores tradicionales, que le ofrecen los primeros frutos de sus campos.[2]​

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Este tipo de deidad también se encuentra entre los pueblos indígenas de América del Norte. Invocado por los cazadores, es considerado dueño de los animales de caza. Puede manifestarse a los cazadores instantáneamente, posee canciones que garantizan una caza exitosa, y flechas que mágicamente regresan al arquero.





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This is a lovely place to stay. Firstly, Leo was very informative about the whole process of self check in. And he’s extremely polite, friendly and helpful, always ready to answer my questions or help me with minor issues. He also gives out recommendations of restaurants/bars, attractions and daily events of Merida. I got the pool suite, and it’s comfy. Room is big. The kitchen is useful especially with the coffee machine. Fridge was certainly a ++ to have cold drink after a hot day out. One of my requirements here in Merida was to find a room with a fridge due to the hot temperature of this city. Many hotels I have shortlisted don’t have a fridge. But this hotel does. Location is great, in a relatively quiet street away from the main center, but still within walking distance

to the main square. It’s also walking distance from Terminal ADO centro historico. Water pressure is good. Hot water is hot (if you need one here). The pool is a bonus to cool down from a hot day. Housekeepers are always smiley and friendly. Overall, two thumbs up.

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